06 May 2011


Morning my Cupcakes

So I have my hair done last night, and omg I love Chanel she is amazing, I really do, I give her 100 out of 10, cannot wait to go back in June to get BLONDER!!!!

I know some of you have already seen my hair from the video I did, I wish I didn’t do that video now I wish I left it to be more of a first on my blog surprise sort of thing! But thank you for what everyone has said so far!

So here is the ideas I had of what to have done to my hair, short long blonde extra blonde, well obviously blonde but here was my ideas: -

Funniest thing is I can officially say I have none of those, I gave her the option to cut my hair short if she had to, I literally gave her Artistic licence with my hair, brave I know but I thought you only live once!

So here is a before shot (well a week or so before but I forgot to take a photo

A dull ready brown, I didn’t realise how long my hair was until she showed me just before the dying commenced.

Well it took a long time to get this done, I was in from 6:45 until 10:00 pm! Her stomach was rumbling I felt so sorry for her! 

So here is my during pictures, as it was dying she was doing my boyfriends mother’s hair, there is a pic of that too, she doesn’t know it will be on here yet!

I wasn’t aloud to move my head!

How cool is this, she has a hair salon in a specially built shed in her garden! I read the legal stuff I had to read in this dying period, but it was soo much to take in!

The blonde didn’t come out exactly as I wanted because I have coloured it FAR TOO much, red and brown over the past few months! So it was obviously not going to be a perfect blonde! So here are my after photos, sorry if ive been a bit of a cam whore!!!

As you can see the top is VERY blonde but the bottom has some ginger tones and light brown tones, but then that’s my own fault for putting so many crappy colours in my hair! But the odd thing is I love the colour!!!

She hardly cut any off the bottom, I was so surprised how little she had to cut off, I though I would be loosing 5 or 6 inches! And then she styled it!

So what do you think, I'm going back again on the 1 June to go BLONDER!!!

Here is my video announcement!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Love it! Can't wait for June 1st :-)
    It actually looks really cool with the different shades of colour.

  2. Thank you :-) Im so exictied, ive missed being blonde!!! :-(

  3. Looks great! And I think the variations in tone look much better than a flat blonde could. It really suits you :)

  4. Alannarama - I am going to have it completly blonde, but this time my hair im calling it a gingernut, last time i had it dyed from dark it was dark purple and it went like pink and blonde so i called it rhubarb and custard, or maybe my hair is ginger cake and custart heheh

  5. Aww you seem such a lovely, nice person. I first came across your blog when searching to advice on which cambridge satchel to get (still havent decided 11" or 13"), your blog is lovely to follow. You look stunning blonde btw. Keep you the good work xx

  6. You look absolutely lovely!


  7. Rhubarb and custard! LOL!!I really liked your hair dark..I was worried when you said you were going blonde...but this colour really looks fantastic on you!

  8. Thank you everyone :-) really nice to have people say nice things for once :-) x