03 May 2011

Radical Self Love - Picture 1

So here is my first Radical Self Love Picture, not quite what you would expect as my first one, i should be embracing my beauty and showing how amazing i am and all that, but in all seriousness, im not in the mood today! I am having an ilergic reaction to my make up wipes, therefore cannot wear make up, the playstation network is down, i havent got much money, but otherwise im ok.

So thats why im covering my face quite alot!

I bought this beard for a Life of Brian Party for my Grandparents 50th anniversary! lol

Anyway i will do another post later, feeling a make up tutorial of my idea of smokey eyes, as everyone seems to have a different idea of them.

Anyway hope you all have a lovely day!

Much Love <3 xxxx

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