10 May 2011

London Trip


I’m not having such a good time today really well the past few days but here is a nice long blog about my weekend for you to read and enjoy.

So I had a meeting on Saturday in London, well I had to get up at 3:30 am to get to my friends in time to get a lift, as we were driving up, I have a picture here to show the time the alarms were set for, but I didn’t think to take a picture until I was on the way home, the time it was taken will be explained later.

Yes my first alarm was set for 3:21am, I didn’t even hear that one go off, I must of put it on snooze without realising or my boyfriend did hehe!

I got out of bed around 3:35 in the end got in the shower got ready, and by around 4:01am was ready to leave (btw all these times are rather important, as it just shows HOW LONG I was awake!), so we made our way to my friends house and on the way there were some ADORABLE ponies, I wish I had taken a picture, they were on the road!

So I finally get to my friends around 5:45, I was too scared to go and nock on the door, was the first time ive been to her house as she lives around an hour or so away in the middle of no where, no buses etc, hence the horses on the road and on the side of the road.

Oh there was a sign that said the following, “Kill your Speed, Not A Pony”, I felt sorry for the ponies, but it was just the fact they said it, it made me giggle a bit, its not the sort of sign you expect as a serious sign, maybe a joke one. But I do love ponies and I would die if we killed one, btw the speed limit was 40mph, we stuck around 25mph to 30mph as we were really early, it was misty and there were lots of cute ponies in the road and sheeps (yes I know a lot of sheep have no s on, but it sounds cute).

Anyway back to the story!

So I was waiting outside her gate, the grand gate to her huge house!

I text her and said I'm outside, in a sheepish way, she told me to come in, first of all I got a text asking if she had enough time for a shower, but I was right outside!

Anyway I went in and she gave me a tour of her HUGE house, and her bedroom was the perfect princess bedroom, exactly what I want!!!! It was magical! I'm very jealous of it! I wish I had taken a photo, I really wish I took more photos!

We had a magical road trip to London dancing and signing all the way, was lovely, and we drove past Harrods! Oh I love you Harrods!

We went to the meeting it lasted nearly all day!

Then it was time I had to go, I was terrified, it was kind of rush hour I guess for London, or rush evening as it should be called, they were going to walk me to the tube, then they decided they would give me a lift to The station! I was absolutely scared of catching the tube alone, I know I’ve done it before but I just felt I needed to back off really!

So I got dropped off, got out of the car, and OMG I was lost, I just couldn’t find the station, I was getting worried and scared so I phone my bf and he calmed me down I felt better, I knew I would see him in around 5 hours (I miss him a lot when I don’t see him). So I got in the station, went to get a Starbucks after checking the sign to see if my train was ready for boarding, bought Elle to read and went to the toilet, 30p just to pee!

Then it said train now boarding at platform 8, I could not find a platform 8 I was looking for ages and getting more and more anxious, then in the end I finally found it, felt a big relief, got to coach H (yes that’s right first class) I cannot sit in second class just too noisy and I cannot relax!

So I sat down in my seat, I went for the Airline style first class with two seats and a table, I sat down relaxed then a geek came along and sat in front of me, I was hoping to have my own space I had lots to do on the train.

So we started to move, just as I finished my Starbucks, why did I only get a tall, I always should go for Grande when on trains!!!

The people with the trollys never came around, so I never got my free Oj or biscuits, (I was too scared to leave my Louis Vuitton alone). Anyway it was all going well, I listened to the majority of my music got bored and started downloading music (so glad I did).

Anyway we got to Newton Abbot, all of a sudden the train turned off, and an announcement came over the tannoy, we have lost power in the back of the train bear with us we should fix it shortly. The time was exactly 8:38pm here is a screen shot of my phone at that time.

Yes I was listening to The Next Episode, one of the best songs ever! YAY!

Anyway, a while later there was another announcement, “We are going to start up the one engine we have got and go straight to Plymouth, we will no longer be stopping at Totness”, so we started moving very very very slowly!

We were gradually getting slower and slower and slower, then all of a sudden the train stops, all I could see out the window was a slight shape of a bush and some flowers, I was thinking it must just be a red light. We had been sitting there around 30 minutes, then another tannoy announcement, “We are having trouble getting up this bank as the tracks are very slippery from the rain, we are going to roll back down past Newton abbot and have a longer run up”. I was thinking great so the train doesn’t work they are just going to let it free roll without the engines working!

I was starting to think we would be living on this train for a few days in the middle of no where!

We sat there for another 20 minutes and they had another tannoy announcement “We have changed our minds, we are now just going to free roll to Newton Abbot, then you can either change on to the cross country service or wait until the 21:55 train that will go to your destination”.

Well I'm not going to catch a train to somewhere I'm not going to!

So I waited in the cold with two odd men down the first class end.

Then the train finally turned up, first thing I did as soon as I got on was took a photo after I had been to the Express Café and got some complementary Biscuits and Crisps YAY here is the picture: -

The train ride all went smoothly after that, but I didn’t get home until 12:45ish, so I had a long day.

Before I got to the station I was getting off at I decided to walk through the carriages as I didn’t want to get wet and wanted to get off near the exit, I walked through standard class I don’t mean to sound snobby but omg it was disgusting!!!

There was mess EVERYWHERE dirt rubbish, I could not believe how much rubbish was everywhere over the floor!

Anyway that was my trip to London, lots happened! Lol

Much Love <3 xxxx


  1. What an adventure!!!

    The whole time I'm reading your post, I was thinking "OMG, She's having a chapter straight out of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"!!! Who is John Galt?"

    Glad you made it home safe & sound!!!


  2. It was quite an adventure!! Was good tho, i love adventure! :-) HEHE

    My life is like that all the time lol, i am writing a book haha!!!