04 May 2011

What's in my Bag?


I was just saw this post on Musings of a Caribbean Princess http://caribbeanprincessmusings.blogspot.com/2011/05/whats-in-my-bag.html
And it made me want to do a new what’s in my bag post.

So I have been using recently a mix between my new Cambridge Satchel and my Louis Vuitton Delightful MM, but me and my Delightful have had a big falling out recently! Therefore the reason I bought the Satchel to get my own back at my bag (OMG I SOUND MAD), and it kinda worked I could see my Delightful feeling a bit sad on the floor in my room.

So here is the reason why me and her fell out, well I was reading a post on the Purse Forum (such a bad place to go when your lusting over Chanel and Louis Vuitton) and I saw a post about someone’s coating coming off their bag after four weeks. So I take a look at mine, and yes you guessed it, its come off, but not just like 4 months of wear, it looks like 4 years of wear.

So I had a few depressed days thinking, oh my bags ruined and was feeling very down and sorry for myself (yes over a bag) and so I did a post and had lots of details pictures and everyone was telling me it wasn’t right I should take it back for repair or they may replace it etc, but I thought no they wont, so that brings me to today. This weekend my Delightful and I are going to London to the Bond Street Boutique to see what they can do about her poor little scarred self! Its all a bit depressing!

Anyway so now on to my “What’s in my bag?” I wont have as many pictures just because I cannot lay everything out at work all tidy but I will try my best!

So from the front my beauty looks like a bin bag with a strap, that is how I describe this style of hobo bag! And this is one HEAVY bag!!!!! Seriously some days I feel like it needs a trolly to be carried!!!

But I'm so proud of the way how the leather is going honeyish, yes I love the honey coloured leather, so here is the outside!

So there she is in all her heavy sad glory!

Now I will show you the inside pic, there is only one, then one pic of what’s in the pocket all lined up pretty.

From this picture you can see I have the following in my bag: -

A5 Finsbury Pink – The main result of the weight in my bag! The best thing in my bag!!!!!

Body Spray – The one I used to use in school, Delicious by Superdrug mMm….

Pink Sunglasses – from nowhere but PRIMARK!!!!!

Spotty light weight umberella

Tissue, masses of tissue!!! I have bad allergies 

Leopard print purse with no money in, well around £2.67 to be exact!

Bottle of Water – which is actually on my desk at the moment as I'm drinking from it.

Now on to the zipped pocket that is unzipped!

Model Mirror – It’s a magical mirror with lights all around makes you feel magical and it so clear and perfect for checking yourself out! I LOVE IT!!!

Chanel Glossimer (I cannot spell that from memory) in 98 Galatic, I'm in love with this, I also have 104 astral in the bottom of my bag somewhere but I'm not as in to it.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash – Its good but never lasting its more for an emergency than anything!

Mulberry Heart Key ring – My boyfriend sort of got it for me in a way, VERY CONFUSING!!!!

Bic four colour pen – I'm so obsessed with these at the moment!!!! But I have lots of the two colour pink and blue ones, my most used pen!

Benefit – Life on the A List lipgloss, I love the colour but hate the taste!

Eco Tools Foundation Brush – FOR NO REASON AT ALL IS IT IN MY BAG!!!!!

Moo Mini Cards – Business Cards

Inhaler, obvious reasons!

Memory Stick, as it had a flyer on we needed to print at staples!

That’s all that’s in my bag! Other than a lot of rubbish around the bottom!!!!

So I'm now looking to get a Totally MM, not too sure if I want Azur or Monogram, there both so pretty but I love the brown and gold tbh so its looking that way! Hopefully my 21st will be full of designer stuff (bought by myself obviously!). I love to spend lots of money on good quality things, except with clothes I suffer!!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions at all ask away!

Much Love <3 xxxx


  1. I think it is so NOT ON for this to happen to an LV. And I was thinking of getting the LV speedy but probably won't now :-(
    Expensive bags should last!

    Enjoyed your post though :-)

  2. Dont let my disaster put you off!!! :-)

    Louis Vuittons are MAGICAL bags!

    I want to get a Speedy one day, and have a collection, but for now im going for the Totally, hopfully :-)

    Trying to save from June until July :-) xxx

  3. I love those bic four colour pens! And it sucks that your bag got damaged, I hope you do get it sorted out x

  4. I've had my monogram Speedy 30 for at least eight years, and it looks as beautiful and perfect as the day I got it! Well, except for the vachetta leather going all beautiful honey colored, which is supposed to happen and is part of the beauty of this bag. But seriously, this bag doesn't have a mark on it, and it has seen HEAVY use over the years. I am a total LV whore ... my "house" bag is the monogram keepall 45, plus I have a couple of smaller pieces. Imy's bag is definitely defective ... I would be very surprised if she doesn't walk out of that shop with a new one they've exchanged for her.

  5. Alannarama: I should get it sorted, looking forward to London tomorow :-) will do a London post this week too yay xxx

    Roanne: Alannarama: I should get it sorted, looking forward to London tomorow :-) will do a London post this week too yay xxx

    Roanne: I know that LV usually last years and I was so upset when mine went wrong, but I do think its only a defective thing, its not put me off LV or anything, I need a speedy! Lol and a totally! I'm really looking forward to going in to LV I'm going to try on so much!

  6. I <3 these What's In My Bag posts/videos!I"m still in love with that bag! It holds SO much!
    Were you able to get it fixed?