23 June 2011

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me - 5 Things I Love!

Hello everyone here is 5 interesting facts about me you may or may not of know!

  1. I was born in Australia and moved to the UK at the age of 8 months or something?

  1. I can NEVER have my own child, I can adopt or have a puppy, I'm going for the puppy!

  1. I have a support group for my Intersex condition and I help a lot of people through it, it can be stressful, but there the closest things to sisters I have! I don’t know what I would do without their support!

  1. I have been with my boyfriend since 25 September 2006 and he is rather cute!

  1. I used to be size 8 and then I started on HRT and I went up to a size 14-16, nasty HRT!

So there are five random things that most of you probably didn’t know about me!

I just thought as I'm quite new to this blog thing I would let you get to know me a bit better! 

And also I thought I would write five things that I'm happy about that I feel make me who I am!

1.   My love and obsession for Filofaxes and Designer bags!
2.  The fact that no matter how hard I try I struggle to not help people and be nice!
3.   I was born this way, yes Lady Gaga’s song means a lot to me, its quite a tough thing to be told your Intersex at the age of 16.
4.    The people I have met online, from Filofaxes and my condition, they are my only real friends other than one that lives near me, but I wouldn’t really want it any other way, your all AMAZING people and brighten up my day!
5.    And finally the fact I'm so excitable that I struggle to stay calm when I'm told about something exciting! I really am a puppy dog!

Hope your all having a nice Thursday!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Hi Imy,

    read an interesting quote from Celestriana today. Keep it in mind: "You were born an original. Don't die a copy."!!!

    Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you in September!

  2. Thomas - Hello Thank you, its very true! I don't think i could die a copy even if i tried lol :-) Will be nice to meet you too, i think you and Steve should have a catwalk in the Tate??

  3. Imy,

    Alison (@cactitraveller) here. Love your blog and love your positivity. I really believe the positivity is contagious and I can sense that from your posting and twitter comments.

    Looking forward to meeting in Sept...

    PS:- Love the quote from Thomas. So, so true....

  4. Imy
    We love you for the person you are, the real you, far better than people that 'pretend' to be someone they most definitely are not or ever will be.

    Me I'm true WYSIWYG.... What you see is what you get!

    And don't change Imy... we love you as you are.


  5. I agree with everything that everyone else has posted! You are such a role model. You inspire people with your positivity as well as your dedication to educating others about intersex conditions and supporting people with it. It takes a lot of courage Imy to be the face of the group and you are very brave as I am sure you must have to deal with some really unpleasant individuals on occasion. I can't wait to meet you in September!

  6. Imy, your posts are always so cheerful and uplifting. You brought me out of my grump today. ;-)

  7. I vote for the puppy too! ;) I loved Thomas's/Celestriana's quote. It's so true. You're wonderful the way you are and we're all glad to have met you!

  8. Imy, you are wonderful! So glad I came across your blog and YouTube videos via Philofaxy.

    I am full of admiration for you--your enthusiasm is contagious and your openness about your condition is inspiring.

    Go you!

  9. First of all i have to say CRAZY i cannot believe how many comments i have had on this

    Globe - Thank you - look forward to meeting you as well :-)

    Steve - Thank you :-) i kind of felt i was being fake in the Flex video...

    but im not going to change, maybe my weight etc, but not who i am etc :-)

    CP - Thank you :-) someone has to stand up and just do it so i thought whats the worst that can happen, i try to use that logic on most things lol Im excited about meeting you too :-)

    Terriknits - Thank you :-)

    Kanalt - Yes instead of talking about children me and my bf talk about getting a puppy haha as if its a child its silly ;-) Thank you :-)

    Cindy - Thank you :-) its nice to know people are glad they started to chat to me and stuff :-)

    I wouldnt be the person it was if it wasnt for all the people online :-) Xxxx

  10. Imy, my husband and I don't have kids, but we sure do love our rescued greyhounds! And we talk to them in high-pitched voices like idiots!!

  11. Terriknits - Greyhounds are too big for me, needs to be something small and cute for me lol :-)

    Chihuahua sized lol

    I think the thing with children is more the fact ive been told i cant have them lol :-) x

  12. What I want to know is how you stay so cheerful and happy??? It makes me happier...
    Great post...love the cupcakes :O)