19 June 2011

Filofax Experiment Update & Pocket Love?

Afternoon Apricots

How are you all today? And Happy Fathers Day to all your Fathers, and if you’re a Father reading this!

I am going to do a fathers day related post later!

So I have one question will a pocket sized Filofax be big enough with day to a page, I really love the Filofax Special Edition Personal Organiser with the black patent leather and the Swarovski Elements, as it says on the website just look so beautiful and very imy, here is the link http://www.filofax.co.uk/store/organiserdetails.asp?rangeId=109&sizeId=2&dsizeId=2&spId=913

See its on sale at the moment half price, I really like it, if it came in personal size this would be no competition to be honest but would that be sufficient to my needs, what do you all think? Do you find the pocket too small or a good size? Can you fit a passport inside??

Please answer those questions if you know, I need to look on Flickr for some more pictures of it!

Anyway back to the post!

So its an update on my experiments :-

Experiment #1

Week to View Cotton Cream

I have completely stopped using it, I find it soo small, the paper is lovely just boxes not big enough!

Experiment #2

Two Days Per Page (Homemade let me add)

Still using it here is a picture to show…

So its going well with the two days to a page, I kind of feel that the Pocket day to a page might work, it looks like it would fit if you get me? Its rather nice (im feeling a bit obsessed)….

Experiment #3

Day per Page (Homemade again)

Im still using this but im not 100% sure I feel there is too much room, but then the room can be very useful….

Yes I crossed something off, not oftehn that happens.

I know it wasn’t the most exciting up date but at the moment two days to a page is wining!!!

I also have another question about the Pocket, does anyone know if that one is in either stores, if they have seen it? (I saw it in real life and loved it) I just mean if they still have it in store or I would have to order online?

Anyway as you can tell I am rather excited!!!

Will do another post later about my dad and his old Filofax hehe

Have a nice evening!!!

Much Love <3 xxx

UPDATE: I cant do the post on my Dads old Filofax as i couldnt find it, sorry :-( with my next post i will post a picture of me and my Dad :-) xxx


  1. I love the personal size but dd try the pocket size for my handbag. I just couldn't take the size in the end, the pages are way too small for me and I am fine with the week to two pages in the personal size, so I would think you may struggle. They are cute but I felt not enough to take the place of my personal size, not even close. SO I finally gave up and am firmly back with my personal forever now.

  2. Imy I think you can make a day per page work and the special edition is wonderful. You could always get a monthly insert if you needed to see things at a glance.
    Just note that the pocket size may still be too small for all of your needs. I use my pocket filofaxes if I am out and about for work but I could never use one all the time for work. I must use a personal for my proper work diary.

  3. P&P - I will do a whole post on the Pocket size tomorow or later today about it, using some pages etc....

    Yeah i totally know what you mean! So i need to really look in to it all

    Thanks for the comment, look out for my next comment.

    CP - yeah i was thinking that, but would the other pages be ok for writing stuff in...... im so exiceted, going on Philofaxy files to print out some pages and test them etc....

    yeah i do get a month to view too so i can still see everything :-) Thanks for the tip

    i know what you mean, but i only want to use one filofax, and i will explain later on in a post about why i am thinking about the pocket...

    YAY excitement xxx

  4. Hi Imy - I have the special edition and it is really glamorous. If I could change anything I would not have the inside back pocket as it makes it a little more bulky. I used to get into a pickle entering and syncing diary entries with my phone, and it frustrated me that I could see things in the format I wanted. So, I bought the special edition and use week on two page diary (with some customer black monthly indexes with silver writing!). I also use it to make notes when out and about. That is pretty much it. What I then do is use an A5 filofax for work - I have page-a-day diary in this and use it for entering todos for each day and things to remember - so it isn't strictly speaking a diary - more of a planner! This is now working fine for me. I use the frixion pens on the diary so I can rub out and re-arranged items. The idea is that I set up the following weeks planner diary on the previous Friday so it gives me chance to check my normal diary to make sure I have transferred any appointments etc. Hope this helps.

  5. I had been thinking about a pocket size to put in my bag. But I carry a big bag and could easily carry my personal instead.

    I was away from my home office today for an all-day meeting and my personal size was just perfect; I pulled it out of my bag and flipped through to set up meeting dates next month. I love it! (I don't have many opportunities to utilize my FF in "the wild").

  6. I've got a pocket, it's my only filofax. The diary is totally workable - I've got a week on 2 pages and not too small writing and it works fine, so you'll definitely be able to rock a day per page. You mentioned in the comments using other pages though. IMO the size is great for lists and random notes to self if they're just a sentence or two... if you want to make longer notes or write more though, the small page size gets annoying. I had to use it for uni notes once after forgetting my notepad - never again! It's just too fiddly for anything requiring paragraphs. For a diary and lists though, definite thhumbs up :)

  7. Alison - At the moment im thinking of having it in my bag at all times and also getting a Malden Personal and having that as main filo, and using the Special Pocket for making appointments and just for small to-do lists, and if i need to carry a smaller bag (which im getting soon) i will need it to carry then and have my personal at home....

    Im hoping its all going to work!!!

    Terriknits - Yeah im going to have a personal too, but im downsizing bags soon and i dont think a personal is going to fit in it (not that im selling me LV but im getting alot smaller prettier bag to use) so i need a smaller one :-D

    Alannarama - I am getting a personal too heheh :-)

    At the moment im thinkign of just using it for quick notes and a small handbag diary so i always have a diary with me to make appointments and sutff :-) hehe

    Get a personal ;-)

    EVERYONE - I shall do another blog post today about it all xxx

  8. Imy
    I have really enjoyed your videos and have decided to follow your "archive" idea.. great way to use two filos at one time !
    I think the Personal is just perfect - a great in between size and fits in most handbags!

  9. Hi Imy,
    I like your idea of using a Personal for your main Filofax and a pocket for on-the-go type days. Maybe the calendar can be kept in your main Filofax and your pocket can just be used for lists and notes--an abbreviated diary of sorts.

    The Personal size is fine for me on weekends because I don't have lots of appointments or to-dos (just shoppping lists, chores and errands--big projects go in my A5), and the A5 has been a lifesaver for the work week.

    Good luck with the experiment! I'm slowly catching up on my blog readings so I can't wait to see what you've decided!

  10. Shubha - Im glad that i have helped you :-)

    Cindy - oh i need a diary at all the times :-) need to make appointments hehe

    I love the A5 pages but i find the folder too big and heavy :-(

    Thank you i will post about the end of the experiment tonight or tomorow :-)