22 June 2011

Filofax Planning and Organisation

Happy Wednesday Watermellons

So today I'm going to be talking about Planning for your new Planner!

Now I know that sounds nuts but I will show you a picture below of my planning’s for my new planner: -

(Sorry about the following HUGE mass of text)

Between all the decision making of a Malden Personal or a Special Pocket Filofax Mmm, I have also been working out how to use them, I did a post on my Filofax conclusions towards what I'm going to do with them, Filofax Solutions and as you can see I decided what I was going to do with each, well I'm not getting both at the same time, and one is a present so yeah. But I am going to get the Malden either on my birthday depending on the bad I get or at the September meet up, I haven’t quite yet decided! (oh and I need to save for the meet up in September).

So back to the picture above, this is the planning for my Malden/Personal Filofax, I am going to start to set it up in my Amazona for now so I can have it all ready to go when I get the Malden and swap it all over so I have a whole new organiser all set up and ready to rock, its going to take A LONG time to set this up!

So first thing on the list will be a tab called Diary (I'm going to use the see through tabs you can change as many times as you like and cover them with a collage to make them look pretty) so I'm either going to get day to a page or two days to a page, leaning towards two days to a page as more practical and still plenty of room, I am also going to have a monthly diary, which I already have and I'm just going to put that in! Good for quick planning!

There is the bad boy ready to go!

Next I'm going to have a Planning Tab, yes this is a planning post and I'm planning to have a planning tab, I really thing I have gone over the top! I forgot to mention each section within the tabs is going to be colour coded I have yet to plan that!

So I will have a place to plan future blog posts, youtube videos, and travel arrangements!

Then its going to go on to Loves (in other words things I like)


I shall have a Lists tab and each list will be different not all to-do lists! I have started to plan a bit about the paper on this one.

To-do – Cotton Cream, now everyone has a to-do list, I'm going to make less to-do lists as I just love the cotton cream paper!
General – just lists of things to pack etc..
Bucket List

That list above isn’t my final list of lists there will most likely be more, like the 30 days of lists is starting again soon so I will probably have a section for that too!

Information, now this is where it gets a bit complicated!

Social – now this is going to be like if someone has a blog, twitter and Facebook, so I don’t get confused I'm going to write down all their things next to each other so I know who is who, I easily get confused and think I'm talking to someone else, I so I just want something to keep it straight in my mind!

Addresses – HM Revenue and Customs, people I know, pen pals etc…
Telephone numbers – I know this will be under addresses but I just want a list to look at quickly!
Club Card Details – as in Debenhams beauty details in case I loose them
Password – online banking, Facebook etc
Important – Phone contract details etc, so I know when they end and how much they are etc… and also it will have a list of all my direct debits to control my funds better!

Then finally Other?

Well I have not decided on the last tab but this will include things like Magazine clippings tickets random pieces of stuff to remind me about things, if you have any ideas for my final tab let me know, or if I have missed anything let me know!

I want to be super organised!

I know it all sounds a bit OCDish to go to this much effort to organise but that’s me I'm a bit like that!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Oh I love how you are planning for your planner! hehehe. That is marvellous. I cant wait to see how you set it up. The Malden is gorgeous so you will love it.

    I am trying hard not to wish time away until September's meet up :-)

  2. CP - :-) i love to plan and i cannot wait until i get the Malden, but on the bus i had a relisation about the Pocket, what im going to put in it, cannot wait to do a blog post on it :-D x

  3. Love planner organisation. Tabs, coloured paper... I am in my element! I also adore Malden, and I hope you love yours too.... can't wait to see pictures of your set-up once you have it.

  4. Imy - Your soon-to-be Malden sounds a lot like my Malden. First, let me say that I do the exact same thing, planning for my planner. Whether I'm getting a new planner, or just want to change my current set up, I make a list of the sections and what will go in each. It makes the process easier - if I change my mind, I can do it on paper first. It saves a lot of time.
    My sections are:
    Contacts (emergency, doctors, services - only phone numbers, not addresses - I have a full address book in my at-home-A5)
    Notes (random info, including my current month Happiness Project resolutions, which get moved to my Happiness Binder at the end of the month)
    Lists - shopping lists, to-dos, to buy, music to download
    Projects - anything I'm working on that requires notes (planner plans would go here)
    Writing - topics for blog posts, things I want to journal about, notes on anything I might want to write up later
    Diary - month on two pages (full year) and 2PPD (three months worth)
    Can't wait to hear about the final set up when you get your Malden!

  5. Stuff like this makes me salivate. I'm not disciplined enough to completely plan out my planners this way, but once I devise a system, I map it out at the front of each planner so I'll know what to expect to find inside.

    Love this!

  6. that list is a really good idea, you've given me the idea to organise my filos which is something I've been meaning to do!

  7. GlobeC - Im looking forward to having it all sorted and ready to be organized, i love colour coordinating paper too hehe

    Kanalt - I find it better just to dump everything down on a sheet of paper, its good isnt it, you feel less confused and you have everything out of your head and infront of you and feel relaxed lol :-)

    2ppd?? sounds good! where did you get that?

    Is yours A5 or personal??

    its so interesting to read other peoples layouts :-)

    I really need to buy the Happiness project!

    Cindy - its so nice to plan like this, i recon you should have a try will make you feel amazing hehe :-D

    TPS - im glad i have helped!! :-) would love to see your Maldens hehe

  8. Imy - I'm not sure if all of those questions were to me, but I'll answer them anyway. ;)

    I got the 2PPD inserts on the US website. My Malden is personal size. And I loved the Happiness Project. I recommended it to a few Philofaxy followers and many of them liked it as well. I highly recommend it!

  9. Kanalt - You are very lucky, all those questions were aimed at you ;-) hehe

    There is a Happiness project group isnt there, but i left as i didnt have the book yet, i might buy it tomorow on pay day as a early present to myself hehe :-)

    ooo the size of Malden i want mmm

    ahhh thats what i thought you might say about the 2ppd :-( xxx

  10. I believe that the 2PPD is available on one of the European sites, but I can't remember which one - the Dutch maybe? Jotje has the same format, so you could ask her.

  11. Kanalt - she has told me which one :-) thank you :-) xxx

  12. Ok, 1. Yay for a new Malden!!
    2. But I thought the personal size was too small for you??