24 June 2011

Strange Chanel Dreams

Happy Friday Fruity Loops

My weird dream for this week was last night...........well I was at a fancy dinner around 80 people around a oval table think it was a 21st meal, I was at the head of the table. There were chandalers on the celling, gold everywhere and a huge lit fire place.

I had just been given presents from People, I received two Chanel Wallets a Chanel flap style bag! All of a sudden 5 girls came In and the fun happiness was ruined! They had this presence about them......

I have had a few dreams like this very similar!

As they came in they started to go through people's handbags and take things! They came over to me and I had a Chanel wallet in my hand, they said do you have anything else like this I said no, I had a pretty red Chanel wallet inside my bag and a weird Chanel flap on to the bag, I don't know how they missed those! They still looked through my bag but for some reason didn't see the flap bag or the wallet!

So as they left I set back and relaxed, suddenly everyone was getting up and running away, I wad just wondering what's going on now?

Then I looked down noticed someone else had stolen my handbag! I was completely shocked!

As I got up the whole room dissapeard and we were all running across a huge field walled with boulders and random trees all over the place.

I started to run as fast as I could to try find the person.

I found one person with the same bag as me and pinned her to a wall, said is that my bag she said no so I quickly riffled through her bag and it wasn't mine, so I apologised and she walked off.

I started to franticly run around looking for my bag, I was in tears that bag meant the world to me! I saw a friend from school called Vicky, I stopped her noticed she had two bags and asked where did you get that Chanel? She told me she stole it from some silly bitch! I was shocked! It wasn't mine but I couldn't believe she had done that to someone!

I ran off..................then I woke up so I will never know if I got my Chanel bag back! :-(

So that seemed to be my random dream for the week! I didn't have cheese before bed!

Have a nice day and weekend!

Much love <3 xxx


  1. Have a nice weekend Imy! I like the cupcakes on your blog :-)
    I wonder why you are having all of those strange dreams?
    Hopefully your package will arrive tomorrow! Yay!

  2. Oh, what a crazy dream! I wonder if you are worried about profound loss somewhere in the back of your mind. Hope your dreams get less worriesome!

  3. CP - Thank you :-) i have had a nice weekend :-)

    I dont know im not even eating cheese late at night either? lol

    Cindy - yeah thats kind of what i was thinking, i had a dream my dad and grandparents died the other night, so im having alot about loss :-(

  4. LOL at crazy dreams! Nutsy stuff, huh?