07 July 2011

2011 Dodo Pad For A5 Filofax Review

Alright me ansums

So I have been saying for AGES I am going to do a review of the lovely Dodo Pad for an A5 Filofax for ages! And I just don’t seem to have as much time to do set things these days, like my videos are gradually floating away on a stream!

But first of all here is the lovely Filofax I have used the Dodo Pad in.

Its my BEAUTIFUL Pink A5 Finsbury

I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU Lord Dodo for sending me this and giving me the chance to test it out!

I will show you the inside cover then I will get in to my review!

Doesn’t it look lovely together with it open like that!!! I love Filofaxes perfection!

When I first started to use the Dodo pad, I'm not going to lie, I really could not get on with it, as I tried to use the columns for set tasks, which you will see below, I just didn’t get the idea of setting myself what each column should be when I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, so I tried that for 2 weeks and each way I just could not work it.

Setting myself set columbs was just NOT working for me, then I realised, why do I have to have a set title for each column I just use it how I come across each day, and just decide in my head what each column is for depending on what I was doing for the day, and when I did that I started to enjoy using it, like some days each box would be for a different thing, others different times, I was just a bit of a free crazy diary!!

(sorry if the pictures are out of order, I uploaded them in the wrong order)

As I started to use it in a free flowing way it all made sense, its an amazing diary and I really enjoyed using it, but some times I wished the boxes were a bit bigger, but then if it needed to be bigger then the thing I was writing obviously would take longer than one box of time so I would put it across two boxes. I kept me in the normal organised chaos I like to live in! I am going to do a video at some point just to show you more about how I used it and how amazing I found it! I just need to try and make a time and stick to it!

But I'm very happy with this diary and I have really enjoyed using it!!! I am thinking of maybe getting a personal sized one for next year so I can have it a bit more portable as I was finding carrying an A5 is impractical!

But I love the Dodo Pad and I suggest you try it! ;-)

Much Love <3 xxx

This is not an after thought even tho at the moment it does look like one!

I forgot to say how magical the pages are with their stories facts games etc, they just make you want to read more, its hard not to look at weeks in advance even tho you want to be supprised......


  1. Thanks for the review! First, this insert looks GREAT in your Fins!!

    I love DodoPad, especially the dates they include and the notes pages on the left.

    Looking forward to the video :O)

  2. Rori - Thats ok :-) there so pretty i love all the pictures :-d hehe

    I should do it soon been so busy tho :-( xxx