01 July 2011

First Day @ Filofax College

Welcome to your first day at Filofax College, as with most first days at school and college it will be quite a simple day, and a VERY simple lesson!

What we are going to do today is:
  • Choosing your School notebook
  • Get to know each other
  • Important Contact Details
  • Mini Video to watch, with questions
To choose your notebook you will not have to do much! All you need to do is have a small section avalible so you can use a Filofax or something similar! I promise there will not be much written homework, and there will be guest lessons, its all in order to try and get us all to use our Filofaxes better and be alot more organised and try to help each other be the most oragnised people in the world and will always be prepared!!!! 

The the next two points are going to be slightly similar!

So to get to know each other the idea is you post the following as a comment or you can email filofaximy@live.com

Name (Facebook):

And then a little bit about yourself, so we can all know and not get confused on Twitter etc...

There is also a Facebook Group I have set up here is the link: -

Facebook Filofax College

So sign up to that if you want, and i guess the Twitter tag will be #filofaxcollege slightly obvious! :-)

Then the lesson for today is, Important Contact Details Lesson 1

It is a good idea to have all peoples names on flickr, youtube, blog etc, so you have an idea of who is who and also then when you want to find someone you don't accidentally email the wrong person etc. As you can tell this has happened to me and it can be very usefull to know!

So that's the mini lesson for today! But this Important Contact Details is quite a few parts.

Now i need you to tell me what you want to learn, and if there are any potential teachers out there (as in if you would like to do a specific lesson, or if you want to do a lesson as well?)

The next part of todays REALLY EASY lesson is to watch some clips from Taking Care of Business, and then answer some questions, they will be simple, its only a 5 min video hehe

Questions: -

1 - What is his name?

2 - Where are they going for the weekend?

3 - What is he not aloud to take on the weekend?

4 - What is the blue section for?

5 - What time is the flight?

6 - What time is the Tennis Meeting?

7 - Who does he phone?

8 - What is the reward for finding the Filofax?

9 - What is the alarm code?

10 - What is the reference book in the Filofax?

Once you have answered all thoes email me the answers at filofaximy@live.com

If you have any questions let me know im here to help!!!

You have until 15 July to complete this homework untless you are away!

The next lesson will be a week on Friday!

Much love <3 xxx


  1. 1st day at college is awesome!

    My school notebook shall be my Malden Personal Filofax, I am adding a section for Filofax College, however if it gets too big I will move it to my Pink Personal Chameleon!

    Details about myself :

    Name (Facebook) - Sharon Lurie
    Twitter - @sjl1974
    Blog - http://sharonsnotshopping.blogspot.com/
    Flickr - sjl1974
    Youtube - don't have a you tube account!

    Looking forward to getting to know the other students!

  2. Woohoo! Love being in college again!

    My notebook is my everyday Filofax: A5 Chameleon in Spring Green, and I shall dedicated an entire section to school.

    Here is my contact info:

    Name(Facebook): Cindy Mark Nico Tan
    Twitter: none
    Blog: http://goodbyemrsniceguy.blogspot.com/
    Flickr: none
    YouTube: none

    (I guess I'm not very well networked.)

    Looking forward to being classmates, all!

  3. Name(Facebook): Kyla Clark
    Twitter: CPrincessUK
    Flickr- Caribbean Princess UK

    Sometimes I wonder if I have ever left school! Yay!

  4. My notebook will be a section in my raspberry personal Filofax. Other sections are: doctoral timeline, personal goals, and inspiration (at the moment!)

    Name (Facebook): Sandra Kramer Henderson
    Twitter: skhen
    Blog: filofanatic@blogspot.com
    Flickr: skhen (although still need to add photos!)
    Youtube: n/a

  5. Thank you everyone so far!!!

    Its very useful!! its easy to get confused!! :-)

    and here is from Tali, she couldnt post a comment so emailed it to me: -

    Name (Facebook): Tali Roberts
    Twitter: talibobbert
    Blog: n/a (I deleted it as I only did 2 posts in the space of 10months lol)
    Flickr: twinkleberry87
    Youtube: twinkleberry87

    Can't figure out how to comment on the actual blog post. I followed the instructions but it didn't work :o( boohoo

    My notebook will be a section in my Finsbury Aqua - I needed a use for my green notepaper so looks like you've filled the gap! :o) teehee

    Tali xx

  6. (*Think* this should work this time...)

    thanks Imy for posting my email for everyone to see. I don't know why it wouldn't let me comment before :o(

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone :o) x

  7. Read this why facebook is an irritating asshole. http://paidcritique.blogspot.com/2011/07/irritating-things-with-facebook.html

  8. update to the above info :

    Blog: http://honeyishrunk.blogspot.com/


  9. Name (Facebook): Adamski Featherstone
    Twitter: none.
    Blog: http://adamnfineblog.blogspot.com/
    Flickr: can't remember the link :(
    Youtube: none.

    I'm looking forward to this! I wasn't here for the first day as I was on holiday; but I'm here now :D My notebook shall be my notes section in my filofax (personal identity):]

  10. My school notebook will be a section in my crimson Malden personal filofax.

    Name (Facebook): Anita Lim
    Twitter: anita_lim
    Blog: http://anita-lim.blogspot.com/
    Flickr: none yet
    Youtube: anitalim2

  11. Just started my Flickr account using the name Aikigirlie.