07 July 2011

The BEST Birthday Card


Before I do my big Dodo Pad review at lunch time and have the next Filofax lesson tomorrow I just want to do the following………….

Well instead of buying me a birthday card, being the amazing artists she is, she made me the most beautiful amazing birthday card ever, it has literally everything I love on it! Including things that are just pretty to add to it! Then inside she did a montage of photos of my life and wrote a small message!

This birthday card has to be the best one I have ever received it made my birthday, Its about as amazing as my Alexa if not more!!

I will let you decided on that! I will explain each photo, as in where pictures were taken and what each thing is!

My mum has this stamp set that has all these letters that we played with not that long ago, wow I sound like a little child, but there cool stamps there all in a plain sort of font they were for pricing items back in the old days! So that’s what she did to the cover!

Right the front has my late cat Jess (died 14 June 2010), the one of the left, and then the other cat is my current cat Kalamari (odd name I know)[Also she is sitting on a GIANT wooden penis, that is in my parents garden]. Then there is a little Filofax in the top left corner, top right corner is some roller skates. Mulberry handbag handing off something and also there is a little Hello Kitty and a key to the door in the middle. I didn’t know you were supposed to get the key to the door on your 21st birthday! You learn something new every day!

I will start with the right bottom hand corner and work my way to the left and tell you about each picture, row by row.

So me in the bo peep costume was for my 18th birthday, it was a week after I had my key hole surgery, so I was not in the best form, we went to a gay bar, was “interesting”.
Me and Martin in the car on the way to Birmingham (Via Nottingham) to catch the plain to Egypt.

Me and my mum building snow men, I don’t have a clue when this was, must have been around 2007 or so? Maybe….

A walk we went for two years or so ago, up some rocks, as usual hmmm….

Me looking rather hot in the hotel in Luxor, Egypt 2007

Next row from right to left!

Me in the hotel room in Luxor, Egypt looking rather pretty :-) taken by Martin

Me in the Tate on a hospital trip last year, just after eating the Fish and Chips with the mushy peas…..oh what a good meal! I cannot wait for September!

Me at my 18th again with Martin next to me in his Army uniform!

A picture of me my mum and my day, I love this picture it was around 1997-1998 I think, in that purple back pack I had 5-8 rocks, as they were pink purple and blue and I got excited my parents didn’t know it was full of rocks until we got home, and they were proper rocks around 4inch tall by 5 inch wide! What an odd child I was!

Me in the car on the way to Birmingham again! Martin used to take a lot of photos of me!

Top row, from Right to Left

Me and my mum and dad relaxing on a sun lounger by the pool in Egypt

Me my mum and Martin outside Karnack for the lights display, which was rather dull for a light display, I miss that shirt I'm wearing!

Me in a golf buggy in the desert in Egypt!

And the last picture is of me in Austria having a snow ball fight with my parents.

There was one thing that I just noticed there was no pictures of me in Australia :-(

Anyway that was the most lovely card I have ever received in my life and I wanted to share it all with you and all the pictures, sorry about the long explanations but I thought it would be helpful.

Much love <3 xxx

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