12 July 2011

No Shopping Challenge!

Hello Muffin Mice

Today I start my Fab Frugal challenge (that’s just the twitter tag, easier for me to remember) you can read all about the lovely challenge that Caribbean Princess has set up HERE. There is also a Facebook Group and Twitter tag, #Fabfrugal

So today I am starting, not starting off all that well though, I'm having to borrow money on Day 1 of my challenge as my birthday was a lot more expensive then I thought (not buying myself presents but eating out and doing things) I didn’t want to repay the money with birthday money as I thought that would be wrong so I'm just going to have to borrow it instead, but on the upside I have budgeted all my lunch, bus and roller skating money so I can literally just pay it out of little envelopes!

So I will first of all tell you what I'm going to do towards my challenge then I will give you a list of things I'm allowing and things I'm not allowing to spend money on.

To try to stop me spending on my normal account I am going to FREEZE my Debit card! IN ICE!!! Yes FREEZE it!!! I really mean that! And if I need money I will have my Barclays Debit cart, but it will mean I will need to transfer the money via online banking which can take a day or so, which by then will of put me off the purchase!! I have just seen a lot about Freezing credit cards, I do have a credit card that I need to pay off, but I'm paying it off but not using it as I lost it in my bedroom so that’s just as good as freezing it!

Secondly I am going to take out my money for Lunch, Bus Fair, Roller Skating at the beginning of the month, and even though your all thinking Roller Skating, that cannot be a necessity, it is, as its good for keeping fit and it makes me really happy doing it! I LOVE YOU SKOOTERS ROLLER DISCO! :-)

After that I'm not going to spend any other money in my account! I really hope I have extra money left over at the end of my month, if I don’t by 31 August I will go until the end of September, so that means NO SPENDING AT THE FILOFAX MEET UP! I might shed a tear!

The things I will allow:

Make up ESSENTIALS (as in if I run out of mascara or foundation and have none left)
Summer Clothes for work (One thing I hate buying and its something I NEVER buy)
Filofax INSERTS (Only if I run out and its something I need)
Hair Appointments (Not that I can afford one)
ROLLER DISCO!!!! As its exercise!
Cartridges for my fountain pens
Any other essentials!

Things I will NOT allow:

MORE FILOFAXES!!!!!!!!!! My Malden is keeping me content!
EYE SHADOW!!!! I have enough to feed a huge family for 16 years and 5 days!
Magazines, I buy too many
Less Eating out
Things I don’t need and just want!

Well there are so many more things but I think I'm going to cut this short for now!

I will also sell stuff on ebay!

To be continued…………………………………….

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Excellent post Imy! I am so glad that you started :-) All of your plans sound very achievable too.
    Good luck!

  2. Good for you, Imy dear! I think debit cards, while handy, are evil. Writing checks or spending cash always changes my view of spending. You can do this! x