29 July 2011

Week 3 Budget #Fabfrugal

Bonjourno Fab Frugelers!

Now this post is VERY late and this last week I'm in at the moment is not going well, but this post is for the week from Monday 18 July to Sunday 24 July.

So my budget for that week was as follows: -

Monday - £4.00
Tuesday - £20.00
Wednesday - £4.00
Thursday - £47.00
Friday - £4.00
Saturday - £7.00
Sunday - £0.00 NIL

But my actual spend looked like this : -

Monday - £3.57 – UNDER
Tuesday - £20.49 – OVER
Wednesday - £4.72 - OVER
Thursday - £46.44 – UNDER
Friday - £3.81 – UNDER
Saturday - £18.53 - OVER
Sunday - £14.00 - OVER

So from Monday to Friday I didn’t do too bad, when I went over it was only by a few pence and when I was under it was by enough to cover the previous over spends!

But on the weekend, we decided we should actually go somewhere, he had no money, and I had money left, big mistake.

On the Saturday, I had to go into town to get passport photos for my passport, as I needed one to go away! And I had to pay for Martin to Roller Skate as he ran out of money, and he promised to pay for us to skate on the Tuesday, so I thought ok that’s fair! After skating we got a bit hungry and decided we should have McDonalds!

On the Sunday we wanted to go out for the day, so we decided to go to The Grand Day out, it was a big craft thing near us, where you just have a day out and see all these things, it was £4.00 to get in, but I had to borrow £10.00 for diesel! Which was annoying but otherwise alright!

So I didn’t have a very Fab Frugal weekend, but my week was perfect!

Here is some before and after pictures from my hair cut on the Thursday! Then last of all I shall do my budget for the current week I'm in which is Monday 25 July to Sunday 31 July.




I am really happy with the new hair, did you like my before picture tried to make myself look really awful so there was a definite difference haha

So this weeks budget is as follows: -


£3.00 Lunch
£5.00 Passport Photo, the last passport photo had too much fringe! WHAT
£??.?? Passport


£3.00 Lunch
£16.00 Bus


£3.00 Lunch


£3.00 Lunch


£3.00 Lunch
£5.00 Socks for Sock Monkey


£3.00 Lunch
£4.00 Roller Disco
£5.00 Sock Monkey
£2.00 After Roller Disco


£0 Hopefully

I hope you have enjoyed my update, I know its totally late, and I'm doing really badly but I'm really trying! I just took my bank card and it really buggered everything up, back on it next week, as I will envelope up again and not need any money at all!! (other than lunch and the usual).

Budgeting is tonight’s task!!!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Imy, I think you're doing a great job with your budget. You are conscious of your spending, and the amounts you were over weren't a lot. Keeping on top of where your money is going is critical. And I love your new hair!

  2. I agree with Terrikits Imy. And that new hairstyle is absolutely fabulous! DH gave it thumbs up too as I showed him :-) He knows I am super excited about meeting you in September!

  3. LOVE your new hair style - looks fab.

    Well done on keeping track of your budget. It is good that you can identify why you are over on those days.

  4. You hair looks amazing! I love it, I'd love my hair to do that (without 45 min. of blow drying, flat ironing, and effort!


  5. Terriknits - THANK YOU :-) ITs really hard to keep to it, but once you find out where your going wrong it really helps, mine was just taking my card with me, when ever i take my card i spend money i dont have! card now always at home :-)

    CP - Thank you :-) and Thank you DH, I am even more excited than you to meet you :-D YAY!!! ITs going to be magical!

    Cacti - Thank you :-D Its magical once you identify it :-) made me feel relieved

    sunburn - I hate taking so long to do my hair but i dont like my hair natural so i dont have too much of a choice :-( unfortunatly i have really frizzy huge dry horrible hair :-( xx