18 July 2011

Week 2 Budget #Fabfrugal

Happy Monday Monkey Nuts

I just wanted to do a small post today about my forecasted spend for the week ahead, kind of a public budget, I don’t have a red suitcase but I have a Crimson Malden so that will just have to do!

I am carrying my Crimson Malden ready to announce my budget to the world of Fab Frugleness!

So for Today which is Monday, even though I have already spend money and below the budget oh yeah!


Simply £4.00 for my lunch!


£16.00 bus fair, I pay weekly and it is usually £4 a journey but they do a special offer where it is £16.00 for a 7 day ticket and I can go between two points as many times as I like, not that I use it that much other than the 5 days I go to work, which saves me £4.00!

Then my lunch money of £4.00


Simply £4.00 for my lunch!

But I also have the first of my Graze boxes coming, I'm rather excited about this, thank you so much Sharon, she gave me a voucher to get my first one free!

So today’s Graze box will cost me nothing! And hopefully it should keep me full enough I can spend hardly anything on lunch maybe a yoghurt!



£4.00 for my lunch!

Second Graze box that has only cost £1.74, I want to test out two then if I like it I'm going to budget to have one a week starting 3 August! It usually costs £3.49!

I will do a review at lunch about it, which pictures and all!

This bit is the hard to type part!

Now I'm getting my hair done and this shall cost £43.00! I am having a T-Section done and also a trim, I was originally going for a full head but I'm not that rich, so it has to be a T-Section!


Simply £4.00 for my lunch!


Roller Disco, which is £4.00!

I will allow £3.00 for after the Roller Disco, as I get a bit of the nibbles and I get a bit thirsty, so I will get a drink then!



So my total spend for the week should be no more than: - £86.00 Remember that does include my hair cut, without that it would only be £43.00!

I have not had a hair cut in 2 months or more! I need it badly!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Oh, you are so brave to do this. There is a nagging voice at the back of my head (that sounds strangely like my mother) telling me I need to keep better track of my budget, but I prefer to live in denial.

    Love this. (Even though it makes me feel guilty-HA!)

  2. Cindy - Thank you :-)

    But I have been getting so bad with my money it has come to the stage where it is either do this, or get a loan to clear debt and all then be tied to that, when i coudl easily clear it just by being more careful and spending less :-D


    ;-) xxx

  3. You can do it Imy! I have total belief in you. And yes after 2 months you would need a haircut. I get my hair done every 2 months :-) It comes out of our joint account though as it is in hubby's best interest that my hair looks good!

  4. CP - hehe :-) I like the fact its in his best interesT!

    Im only having the top of mine done, i will have it done 2 days before i meet you in london too!!! :-D hehe

    i used to have really thick hair but it feels alot thinner these days :-(