07 July 2011

My Theme Tune to my life for July

What is the theme tune to your life?

At the moment mine feels like it’s the following two songs: -

Faithless – Insomnia

That is for OBVIOUS reasons! I am struggling to sleep! I can go to bed early and just wake up tired I try to sleep early I cant, I end up going to sleep after midnight every night at the moment, I cant seem to get any sleep, and then when I do sleep I'm constantly waking up, I think its something to do with the light outside! BUT IF I COULD ONLY GET SOME SLEEP, I CANT GET NO SLEEP (ding dong ding ding ding dong dong….) That is how I feel partly at the moment!!!

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Now I know this is such an obvious chose for most people just because of things that happen in their lives etc, but I really feel as if it is helpful at the moment, just as around 2 weeks ago I was going through a lot of tough work to do with my condition, setting things up etc, and its been very hard, its kind of been nice to have a break from it all for a while! But its something I can never get away from! And I am proud of who I am and everything, but sometimes I just feel rather down with it all! And this Cheesy number is the one thing that seems to help me get off my arse and thing “your just born the way you are, and there is nothing you can do to change it, just thing of all the postivies and stop dwelling on the negatives, life will get better, THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER” then I get up and get on with my life! But if it wasn’t for Lady Gaga I would have a lot more depressed days! THANK YOU LADY GAGA!!

There are hundreds more songs that I could list that are the sound tracks to my life but I don’t really want to! I think I will just do a monthly thing where I put the two most relevant songs to me at the time!

So what is your theme tune to your life at the moment?

Let me know, its interesting to see what people say!

Much Love <3 xxxx

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the new blog design. You made it pretty like you wanted.

    Hope you get some sleep soon. And nothing cheesy about Gaga's Born This Way at all, my friend. It is an anthem, it is uniting, it is inspiring, and it rocks. Play it loud and proud!

    Not sure about my theme song at the moment ... I seem to be all over the place. If I figure it out, I'll let you know... ;-)