08 July 2011

Filofax College Week 2 - Organising your Planner

Week 2 of Filofax College

Welcome to your second (if you missed the first one click here) lesson at Filofax College!! 

I have had quite a good response to last weeks, had lots of contact details, which is all going to go towards next weeks homework! (Next weeks there will be pictures too)!

This week we are going to “learn” organising your Filofax and making it work for you!

Now that sounds like a hard promise to keep, but I think its going to work, we just need to work together and help each other in to a organised chaos we can all work in!

Well I did a post a few weeks ago about Planning for a new Planner!  have a quick read of that as it will help you understand what the this lesson and the next lesson are going to be about!

So the first thing I would love you to do is to write the following lists out: -

   <3     What you want your planner to do for you?

   <3     What is your planner missing?

   <3     What do you need to make your planner work?

Once you have written those down, evaluate your planner and write a list of what you are using your planner for and see how much of what you want it to do that it is already doing, if that makes any sense at all!

For example: -

My planner is used as a diary and not much else.

I want my planner to be my diary, resource of information and a place to store important things, telephone numbers, passwords etc.

So as you can see my planner was missing quite a bit, while your all doing this homework I will be only one step ahead of you, so it will mean that from my experience of organising it I can pass the help on to you, my lovely students!

Once you have worked out what you want to have if you write a list like this, and then do all the sub sections and decide on the colours of paper you need and anything else you want set up!

When you feel ready and accomplished and ready for the next level just leave a comment saying “I have finished organising my lovely life in order to make me less confused”, or “ Done”. But you get the idea!

Next week its going to be about setting all the data up and working it all in to a bit collection process, I'm using sets from GTD in this, it might help to watch my GTD video: -

Now just remember this isn’t a set in stone way to do your Filofax, I'm literally just trying to either help, or just get you on the right track to being super organised, and remember this homework isn’t necessary, you wont be kicked out if you don’t do it! Just leave a nice comment that will be enough hehe

Once you start to organise your Filofax so it works for you might get one looking like this: -

Just expertly done as you can tell, I have gone for a orange and yellow tab theme (as it didn’t come with pink) hehe

So far I have just done my list organised the paper and set out my tabs!

If you want to stay up to date with the homework and do it as we go through the date your homework is due in is 15 July 2011. Which is a Friday.

At the end of this module on setting up a Filofax to make it work better for you there will be a pop quiz, which the answers will all be through out the posts!

Look forward to seeing you all again next week!!!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. I have finished organising my lovely life in order to make me less confused! Oh no, I'm late with my homework... do you give detention??

  2. Anita - Im a very nice teacher! I do not give detentions! :-D Im glad your organised!!! :-) Its a good feeling once its all sorted isnt it! :-d xxx