23 October 2014

Breast Reduction - The Story - Part 1

As most of you that read my blog will know, I have been planning to have a Breast Reduction for a long long time!!! (2 or more years)

Even though I had wanted to have one for a lot longer than that I was too nervous and was scared of all the potential risks, but it got to the stage the benefits out weighed the risks, or more that I was less scared off the risks!!

I am going to write my story of my reduction over a few days, if I can, I am not sure if it is that long of a story but as I have broken it up in my diary I feel I could have a section for each.

Therefore, this will be the before section, and finding the right surgeon, I will mention the surgeon names here, as in theory, this can be a kind of review of the surgeon, not in such that I am reviewing him, but if people want to have an op with him in the future they might see this and think, wow he sounds amazing. (unfortunately, I am a bit too shy to tell him how amazing job he has done, but I will get to that).

First things first, WHY did I want the reduction...

Well that is quite a big question and I could give you such a long answer, but I will give you a breif explanation, as most of you know I have Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, and due to this syndrome, I have been on HRT. HRT didn't agree with me and made my boobs grow FAR too big for my body!!

My breasts were weighing me down, stopping me from exercising, making me feel rubbish about my body, I could never fit in to any clothes I tried on, I couldn't find bras! It was one horrible vicious circle!!

I had tried many times to do some exercise and loose some weight, but with that weight on your front it is impossible!!!! The pain I had every day in my back, the relief to have that gone!

There was also the fact that I had so much unwanted attention from guys, old, young, none would hold back, I would be walking down the street and hear people comments and want to shout at them, but what would that do? There is nothing worse than when you walk down a street then have two little girls make a horrible comment at you. Some people are just so horrible!

I just knew I had to have the operation!!

My doctor in London Dr Conway referred me to a surgeon in London at the Royal Free Hospital, Dr Tim Davidson, I went to see him, he wasn't there, I met him once, but I didn't feel right, I was given a date for my op, it was cancelled, basically I just didn't feel hopeful.

I decided I would try and seek out a surgeon in Cornwall, and I came across this website: Cornwall Breast Surgeon

I emailed Iain Brown straight away, he told me to contact my doctor and get a referral.

I did it straight away, I kept chasing them to see how it was going, then a few weeks later I got my appointment!

I went to see Iain Brown and his colleague Imran Abbas, they both saw me measured me up and talked me through the procedure, as soon as I met Iain, I knew he would be the surgeon I wanted he was so kind and lovely and made me feel completely at ease!

The appointment was nearly an hour long, he explained the sorts of procedure they would probably do, explained where everything would be moved and told me all the risks and complications!

I was so excited! When I left I was told it would be about 18 weeks until I had my surgery!

I was scheduled for Surgery on 21 July!

I had had a car accident and fractured my hand a few weeks before my surgery and I was so worried it would be put in a cast and stop me from getting the op I had dreamt about, but I was in luck, it healed in time.

I was getting nervous and excited in the build up, the weekend before my op I went to London, I was driving on the Friday around the M25 (on my own, terrified) and I got a call, I have hands free bluetooth built in to my car (at the time I had a new Golf as a courtesy car) all I have to do is pretty a button and I can talk to people, anyway, it was the hospital, moving my date!! They moved it to 31 July, I was in shock and felt angry and sad!

My boyfriend had booked time off and couldn't get as much time off if I moved my date, my work had planned cover, everything seemed to of gone wrong....

I will continue soon - PART TWO - CLICK HERE


  1. It's really nice to hear things from the perspective of someone who actually had the surgery done. There are a lot of reasons why people choose to have their breasts reduced, but whatever they are should not be questioned, as long as the person having them done is quite set upon the idea already. Although, it was pretty fresh of you to share your reasons with us. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing your story with us! All the best! :)

    Willie Strickland @ Alexander Cosmetic Surgery

    1. Thank you Willie, I have now posted part two :) which has about the actual operation

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