02 May 2011

Radical Self Love Bible - With my new Finsbury


This is going to be my first ever filfoax post, as in without me talking on camera! So let me know if I do anything wrong!!!

So first of all here is my beautiful new Finsbury A5 in Pink mmm! I am so happy with this lil beauty J

It looks a bit Raspberyish here but its defiantly the pale pink, I love it so much, here is the inside then on to what this post is all about!

Ok so now on to the subject: -


So this is my Radical Self Love Bible, and the first two things I have to do is choose a totem and write what I want this all to achieve (I have not done that yet but this is just an introduction to the beginning of my Radical Self Love journey!) So I chose my totem to be a my filofax!!! As im going to take it everywhere with me it s going to be my beauty!

So I first saw this because a friend of mine – Rori – heres a link to her blog http://www.rorirants.com/, posted on facebook a link to a blog post by Gala Darling, and here is the post, http://galadarling.com/article/your-radical-self-love-bible, well that’s all the links for now! And I was totally interested from the minute I saw it!

So I poked around a little bit and found a video on UStream, and you have to pay $7 to watch it, I did, and it was amazing!!! I wrote down so much H/W from it felt like being back at school, so over the next few weeks im going to do post about it as I go on and im also going to upload a Radical Self Love photo of the day every day!

So here is the front to my Bible: -

I stuck pretty sticker jem stone things over some letters and some stars to make it sparkly, I love sparkle!

Here is a few pages of the homework I wrote down: -

Here is the start of one of the bits of homework, its my Self Love Idol

I’ve only just started it, so it will be a lot longer when I start!

Right so that’s all for now I will try and do another post this week about how ive been using my new Filofax I love it soooo much HEHE

Much Love <3 have a nice day! 


  1. It's gorgeous! Did you move back to an A5 from a personal or are you still using your amazona personal?

  2. Anon - Well it sits in my pile of filofaxes looking all sad and unused! :-( I found the personal a bit too small :-( but i still love it :-)