11 May 2011

Roller Skating Princesses

Morning Jitter Bugs

You may of noticed on yesterdays blog post there was a little P.s at the bottom, well here is a post all about my roller skating adventure last night!

Well I got home around 6:15 and as soon as I got in I went straight to my room, got my skates out the box, and got changed before I put them on.




I managed to try and take this pictures without showing the big brown scratch on the beautiful white leather, but then if there going to be used what do you expect!!!

I sat down in the lounge to put them on, I’ve not worn them in over a year, I got them around 2 or more years ago and have not really used them!

After I got them on I rolled around the house to get used to using them again and to get all the stuff together I needed, my uggs in case I needed to walk somewhere, a bottle of water, coat, tissue and my iPhone to take these lovely pictures!

I looked outside and my friend was there in her pretty Red Polo.

I decided I was going to roll out to her car, there is a bit of a hill to get to the driveway, (you really don’t realise how hilly drive ways are until you roller skate on them), well I got out the door, I held on to the window ledges as much as I could, then rolled down the hill. It was terrifying, I forgot how rolly these skates are! To stop at the bottom I have to crash in to this wall, which is the place I ALWAYS fall over! But all went ok, I didn’t even hurt my roller skates! YAY!

So by the time I had gotten in the car I thought right I think that’s enough for today was scary, so we drove to the car park and my friend was saying its too wet for her skates, she will fall over, so we parked in the car park and just sat in the car while she ate her baked potato with humus and beetroot and salad. We have a lovely conversation about how beetroot turns your pee pink if you eat too much, (this conversation was obviously started by the odd one, yes that’s me).

We were going to go home as we thought the car park was too wet, so I took off my roller skates then got out to see how steep the hill was by putting my skate on the floor to see how fast it would roll down it, then I ran around the carpark after it looking rather mental!

We were just about to leave the car park and we found a perfect are that was dry!!!!

So I had to put my skates on after taking them off so soon! I didn’t lace them up very well they were rather loose!

We got out the car, I had my phone in hand ready to take some pictures.


There is our SEXUAL skates!

My friend took her first step out and skated off, yes I documented this by taking a photo, here it is: -


At first we just kept going up and down this flat bit as we were a bit scared and did a lot of posing (by the way I better warn you from here on it there will be LOTS of pictures and a lot less talking!)


(BTW, again, sorry but I just realised there all the HDR images which were a bit doubled up and I have a crack face in one of them).



We were rolling around whilst taking these photos some, were actual action shots! I'm breaking out the camo for the next time! Lol


This is my crack face, see what the HDR thingy on the iphone did to my face!




We so disco!


Arms going everywhere I love how it leaves the trail from where the arms where!


My legs aren’t even lined up now that’s bad!!!


Sorry about the awful quality.

So after these little picture taking sessions along the nice flat bit we got more adventurous.

I was the frist to go, I went down a hill, but I was having some problems with my skates, my left one kept trying to turn inwards, so I was trying to correct it, which was giving really bad speed wobble, such an adventure tho!

So I only did one lap around there but then I tried going across the car park so much better!

But my beautiful friend had it down, she was going round and round there was no stopping her!

We had a little rest, and I thought ooo I can do that thing when you swing under a bar then stand up again, Well I tried and it just ended up with me flat on my back, so I just had a nice little rest, little lie down, then had to try get back up.

Just before we left we decided to take some more photos, this is her Catalogue shot: -



Seriously NEVER use that HDR thing it messes you up!


This just sums me up, lying down on the job.

We went back to mine as my friend wanted to see my Filofaxes she had heard so much about, and she was very intrigued. She looked through them all and fell in love with my Amazona!

So I said try ebay, before you could say pasticcio nuts my laptop was out and we were on ebay!

Then she saw a nice cream one and she said, oo I could bid on it now couldn’t I, so  she did, then she saw another one that was ending in only 22 hours, and bid on that too, she got a bit over excited with the Filofaxes! I have converted another person to the world of the Filofax!


So now were going to have weekly roller skating sessions!

Oh I love her she’s the best person ever! I’ve missed her lots too!

Much Love to all the pineapples out there <3 xxx


  1. Your roller skates are very cute. I like the pink wheels. I am too much of a coward to roller skate. Can you ice skate too then?

    You both looked like you had a lot of fun! And well done for coverting someone else to the 'cult' of filofax! haha

  2. CP - Do it! i can imagine you would be good at it! I can ice skate, not too well, but when i use my own ice skates im alright i can go forwards and stuff and backwards a lil lol but i do fall over hahah xxx

  3. Nice! Looks like you are having a grand time! I haven't been on rollerskates in years! I wonder if it's like riding a bicycle - that you never forget?


  4. i think it is, as you dont really forget what to do the only thing is if you have the balance to do it :-) xxx