28 June 2011

Mini Update - Missed you all :-(


I just want to apologise that I have not blogged in a few days!!! I have been so busy planning my birthday weekend!

I have lots and lots planned which you will find about all of it on Wednesday!!!

So I will leave you here with a few of my pictures from the weekend!!!

They are from standing in the water, where I got very sunburnt!!!

I am taking a friend and fellow blogger, Inappropriate Sam Filofax shopping tomorrow so I will try and take photos to document the occasion, were going to staples and I'm planning on buying a few nice things for my Special Filofax when I get it this week, I need to get some inserts for it to plan all my birthday!!!

Oh I'm excited to be 21!!!!!!

Here are the pictures! Some lovely views!!!

Katy Perry Inspired – Last Friday Night (TGIF) Make up, will do a tutorial soon

Views of the beach and my Boyfriend

Me and my 11inch Cambridge Satchel in the water!

Cutie taking photos

No I'm not in a foreign country only down the road!!!

And finally here is a little video of me and my boyfriend Roller Skating Practice over the weekend!

Much Love <3


  1. Thanks Imy! Seems like you had a lovely weekend except for the sunburn! Your bf is a cutie pie and your satchel looked lovely!

    I am looking forward to a makeup tutorial and happy early birthday although I will wish you it again of course :-)

    every birthday is special but 21 is one of the milestones.

  2. CP - HE is isnt he, this has to be one of the first times ive used the satchel :-( i dont use it enough!

    Thank you :-) i know 21 is extra special :-) Xxx

  3. Awwww--an early happy 21st to you, Imy! Sounds like you've got superfuntime plans!

    I love the disco-mermaid eyes! Can't wait to hear how Filofax shopping goes with your friend--you've made a convert!

    Love the roller skating! How fun that must be! (I used to skate lots when I was younger, but lately I'm afraid to try anything that might cause even a little bodily harm. Even yoga. Yes, I am a wimpette. Or possibly just lazy.)

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I would "live" at the beach...*sniff* Are you still loving your satchel?

  5. Cindy - Tahnk you :-D

    shopping with friend went well but i forgot to take photos, so caught up in the idea of shopping i completly forgot!

    Its so fun you should start! you will really enjoy it! :-D

    Terrikints - Thank you there magic i had them ordered specially from America :-D

    Rori - the beach is nice isnt it, i like the satchel but the closing is a bit awkward, i will do a blog post on it ;-) xx

  6. How cute is your satchel! Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a lovely time xx

  7. Emily - Thank you very much! My pretty Satchel is now for sale!!! :-D