21 June 2011

Travel Planning?!

Oh look who is back, for a second time in one day!

Yes I had to do another blog post as I had said I would do it yesterday and never got around to it, I am also going to give you an update on the Filofax Experiment, I will obviously do a full post on my findings at the end!

So this is all about my OCDness when it comes to planning trips on the train anywhere whether it be a day trip to a local town or a trip to London for a day, a week, a month, a few days etc, you get the idea, well I once bought this Moleskine London trip planner! I used this for the second ever time I went to London without my parents, it came in handy as we were too scared to catch the tube, so we walked everywhere!

This is the front of the book, I bought it from Waterstones around 5 years ago! Wow that’s a long time I didn’t realise it was that long ago……

I might add a bit of this into my book…hmmm…..

So when you open it you get the usual thing where you can write your details, which I never did, which may have been useful as if I lost this notebook I would have been lost! Properly! (just to let you know, when I go up now I always plan in a Filofax then photocopy the pages, as I don’t really like to travel with too much when I go to London as I'm usually carrying one bag for 2 days).

I didn’t open it on this page for any specific reason! Just first page I opened at, was for some reason marked with the page marker….i don’t remember going there either?

You don’t have to draw on the map either as it comes with like post it not style tracing paper to mark out your routes you want to take which is VERY useful and if you use pencil you can re-use, which I didn’t do! Will show you the tracing paper at the end as its in the pocket at the back.

Next you have a tabulated section :-


I love the word tabulated, is it even a word??

I kept al tickets in the back ready for use.

So the first secion written in was appointments and outings, here is what I wrote all those years ago

My planning is A LOT neater and more organised these days I write every tube station to the last second I need to change at etc…. but I do have problems I know, who needs that much detail, I'm a bit of a control freak about things like this, I'm out of my comfort zone I need to be prepared so I feel safe, my plans are like my blanket that keep me safe from people hurting me! Now that just sounds mental.

Here is the next section:  -

This was the hotel arrangements, I had to book two rooms as I was going in for an operation I was only in one, for a night then my parents were in one etc…. so confusing, I'm slightly confused about all this as this was not a book I took for my operation, so I don’t know if we had to change rooms half way though our trip or what happened, as this wasn’t my op trip it was the one before to say I wanted an op…to find out about the op and all read my book in 500 years when I finish writing it. I loose motivation you see!

It appears I used this for two separate trips as you can tell there are more train planning behind this one! I bet you love the way how I'm discussing with myself all that’s going on with this book, even I get confused with this early practice planning before the hard core stuff I do today! (BTW this was before secretary school where I was taught to plan even more efficiently).

Then it’s the tracing paper you can see where I traced with a black pen I believe

Madame Tussauds is marked out so that must be a good sign?

In the back pocket I found a lot of random pieces of paper that didn’t make too much sense, like the train reservation was the for the wrong date COMPLETELY!!! 

I’ve never been in August!

So I hope you enjoyed the trip in to my early planning techniques!!!

And now a quick experiment update: -

I am now only using Experiment #2 Two Days to Page.

Full post will be on this experiment on Saturday I believe!

Much love <3 sorry it got a bit confusing xxx


  1. LOL - that's funny that you used ink on the tracing paper!

    I bought a City Notebook for Vancouver, BC, Canada. We travel there at least once a year and I have never used it. I wish now that I had used it each year to make notes on stuff we did, etc. We drive there, so I have a road map in the car, but this would be handy for walking around downtown, etc.

    The maps are pretty good - I know how to get to my BFF's house from our hotel downtown, (and actually it's just off the edge of the map in the book) but it's nice to see how to get there from different parts of the city, instead of driving around aimlessly in the neighbourhood like we did that one time. We were sooo close, but there are a lot of dead end/not through streets in her neighbourhood.

    Until your post, I hadn't actually flipped through all the pages of my City Notebook; I'd just looked at the maps. Cool little book! I should use it when we go in October.

  2. Terriknits - I know i felt so silly about doing that! But at least now i can look back and see oh i went there lol :-)

    There really good arnt they, i think i only used mine for one trip then i got the iPhone so all my troubles with maps were gone! lol

    Im glad its helped you to look at it again, its nice to have it as a bit of a thing to remind you what you did on holiday and you can put all the restaurants etc you liked on the way :-)

    Hope you use it on your next trip, let me know how it goes! :-) hehe

  3. I think I will fill in some info from my past years' day planners into the Vancouver notebook specifically; then it will be useful for this year's trip. It would be great to have all that accumulated info in one place (i.e. hours for the Memphis Blues BBQ House).

    I went to google maps and printed off the section of map that is missing to show my friend's house and taped it in, so now it folds out past the edge of the paper and lines up (more or less) to show the rest of that part of the neighbourhood.

    So thanks for the nudge to make this cute little notebook more workable for me!

  4. Terriknits - Im glad i have got you motivated to use it :-)

    It shall be a good help, and can be somethign to look back on in years to come :-) X