17 July 2011

Benefit Lip Gloss - Kiss you - Review

Bonjourno Cute Cupcakes!

This is going to be my first lip gloss review!  As promised from my post the other day!

I am going to review Benefit Lip Gloss in Kiss you, its kind of a purple colour.

As you can see it looks rather purple, but when it is on it looks nothing like the tube! I tried to get some photos of it on my lips but you could not really see the proper colour so I did a swatch on my hand instead.

As you can see its more pinky than purple and it has a lovely glitter through.

It smells like, well I cannot smell as I have a blocked nose from hay fever so this test I gave to my boyfriend and he came out with Sex Wax or Surf Wax for those who didn’t know!

As this is my first review of a lip gloss I’m going to explain the next bit before I start it  as I’m going to use a rough sort of similar thing throughout all my reviews.

First thing will be staying power, which I will mark out of 10, 1 being 5 mins or less 10 being 30 mins or more, I find that lip glosses never last any more than that on me.

Colour which I will mark out of 10, 1 being non visible and 10 being true to the colour in the package, or a bright colour.

Texture, 1 for a grainy textue, 10 for a smooth texture, not that a grainy texture is bad, but more for you to know how it feels on your lips.

Smell, 1 for no scent, 10 for a lovely scent, my boyfriend will give this number for me.

Then the final score will be my overall score out of ten, so here it goes.

Staying Power – 6/10
Colour – 9/10
Texture – 10/10
Smell – 7/10

Final score – 8/10 I really like the lip gloss but not too sure about the colour.

So that was my frist lip gloss review, if you think I missed anything out or want me to add anything else in for the next one let me know :-)

I just thought I would show you a quick picture of my Lady Gaga inspired make-up I did this afternoon on a bored moment!

I know its not too exciting but I got a bit bored after I started hehe

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Is that lip color you're wearing the Benefit gloss? It's a gorgeous color on you.

  2. Cindy - Unfortunatly no :-( That was some Pink M&S Lip Stick, well when i say pink i mean PINK!!! Hehe :-)

    but its the swatch on my hand, i tried to take a photo of me wearing it but the picture was not working so i gave up and did it on my hand instead :-( x

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