20 July 2011

My Knitting Lesson with @Ohlittlecloud

My Knitting lesson with the Beautiful Lovely

Oh Little Cloud


A little photo of our Skype Conversation! (Sorry about my scary face, I pulled a silly face as I did not realise she was going to take it that second hehe)

She has a blog click here to visit it :)

I bought these knitting needles a long time ago, and this wool or yarn, I'm not too sure which you are supposed to call it!

They are Knitting Needles for little children, but I loved the little cat like creatures at the ends of the needles! Made me smile so much!

There is my pretty wool/yarn, I found a little bit of hay twiggy or something, Ohlittlecloud said that was a good thing!

So first of all she taught me how to tie a slip knot, now this turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, at first I just tied it in a completely wrong, but then I managed to get it! Once I got the slip knot down she taught me how to cast on, now that was even more harder, but once I got the idea it was not too hard, I think I might need to be show again when I have to re start! She told me it should look like a sling shot, that’s all I seem to remember, but I'm sure if I tried I could do it easily!

After we had a lovely chat whilst I was casting on she taught me the Knit stitch, It was so lovely to have a nice conversation with her! I even gave her a tour of my room, and she gave me a tour of hers!

So I got my knit stitch down ok, I had a few little troubles, getting confused and all, but after I got it all worked out she showed me how to do pearling (think I may of got that wrong, is it pearl stitch or have I missed something) and I kind of got the idea of that, was a lot more complicated!).

So all in all I had an absolutely wonderful time chatting and knitting with Ohlittlecloud! She is a lovely person and so beautiful! At the bottom I will put some pictures of my knitting!

Our little Skype chat lasted a nearly 2 hours! Which is a long time!

We did try to add Rorirants in but she seemed to be watching cartoons? And it would not let us do a conference call, but we found you can get a 7 day free trial, so any one want to have a big conference call this week before the free trial runs out? All on cams hehe

So here is my knitting: -

Ohlittlecloud gave me homework to knit one pearl one knit one pearl one etc….

It went wrong!!!

Thank you so much for the lesson and the chat was lovely! Look forward to our next one, and meeting you in September!

Much Love <3 xxx

p.s Graze box today!!!!


  1. You are the cutest thing ever <3

  2. I'm very impressed with what you've done so far. I've never managed to master the art of knitting. It's a really cool thing to do and I love the thought of knitting stuff to wear but just get in such as mess so, well done for getting so far. OhLittleCloud must be a very good teacher :-)

  3. Ohlittlecloud - Your so sweet :-) <3

    Denise - She is a very good teacher :-D Thank you, i want to knit teddies and stuff :-D and cute thigns for peoeple as little presents hehe :-) xx

  4. that's awesome! I love the yarn you chose. For a first try, I think you did a great job. It's funny about the slip knot - I was teaching a friend to knit and the slip knot stumped her. I gave her no end of grief - "how can you not know how to tie a slip knot?!!!" LOL!

  5. I'm a knitter too. Should we start a Philofaxy knitters group as well? ;) I have been working on a pattern that's stored in my Filofax knitting binder. It's great to have a specific use for the Filo binders separate from the normal diary/planner. Good work guys!

  6. @kanalt - I have a tab for knitting in my Malden. I have note pages to write down ideas and I have written down some of my old fave/repeat patterns/formulas (mitts, hats, socks) so I don't have to go digging around to find them when I need them.

  7. Hi Imy!

    I'm Liisa, I'm from Finland, I'm a huge fan of knitting (and crocheting), and agree with Terri - for a first time, it looks great! :)

    And @kanalt, I would be up for the Philofaxy Knitters Club as well ;D And a great idea, I might also have to get a Knit-o-fax of some sort. An A5 would be a good size, don't you think? :) :)

    And on another subject, Imy I lovelovelove your YouTube vids, especially the Filofax ones!

  8. Liisa - A5 would be a great size. Since I'm a beginning, the personal size works well for me. Here are details if you're interested:

  9. Terrikits - the slip knot is hard i cant remember it still but i got there in the end when i re cast on lol :-)

    Kanalt - we have started a mini kinitting thing, email me at filofaximy@live.com and i will send you our first pattern! :-D hehe

    Terriknits do you want to join in to, email me at filofaximy@live.com

    Lisa - Hello I think a A5 would be perfect for your knitting filofax!!! i just use my Malden for everything at the moment im a little obsessed :-( hehe

    Email me at filofaximy@live.com Lisa and i will send you our first pattern hehe :-) we should make a group on facbeook or soemthign to keep up with the progress hehe

    Thank you for sayinv you love my vids :-) means alot that people like to watch them :-D Malden coming soon to imysworld channel hehe

    Kanalt - im going to use personnal as knitting binder hehe :-D xxx