14 July 2011

No Shop update and a peak inside Staples Filofax section!

Bonjourno and welcome to Tearful Thursday!

Well its not tearful but I thought I would update you on my No Spend and show you what my Filofax section looks like in Staples and finally show you a new Filofax that they had in the shop I took a few photos but could not photo the insides as they were covered up! Will explain in all good time!

Just one notification – According to Lord Dodo and my Dodo pad, Monday 18 is International go up the wrong escalator day! So if anyone lives in London I believe that’s the perfect place to try on the underground ;-)

So to the point in hand, my Fab Frugal challenge is going well! I have had a little slip up today but in theory it isn’t as much as its something I need and also something I ran out of! You will see at the bottom! I have been pretty good and have had lots of lovely help from @sjl1974!! Thank you so much! She’s helped me not buy magazines and whatnots! I will do a full update, I feel so proud with my progress!!

I'm really proud of this so far I need to update since lunch time though!

So the lovely Filofax section in my Staples looks a bit like this, I'm quite impressed and feel proud to say that this is the best Filofax Section in Cornwall, unless anyone knows of a better one, I would love to know!

In an ideal world I wish there was more of a variety of inserts! Its mainly just line paper that’s it :-( which is slightly disappointing and no Maldens to look at!!! Else I would have had on AGES ago!

Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a second display, it was different to the other Filofax bits, colourfuler prettier in a way! (Do not worry its still Filofax)!!

Oh and there are NO Flex displays in my Staples which I was surprised about!

Then I looked around the other side and noticed they had a pink version of the Olympics Filofax (I think of this Filofax as more of a Fun Fax, I went to look at them the other day and oh my they have changed, I will go in Waterstones one day and take some photos)! Well the inside looks very nice! I was surprised, its very bent at the bottom isn’t it, I kind of want to buy one to inspect the inside and learn more, I couldn’t take the cellophane off I'm too innocent and good, I am not too rebellious when it comes to things like that!

I'm looking forward to inspecting more in to this!!! It’s the personal size btw!

The inside looks so bright why don’t they make like a college organiser insert set, I think they need a colour injection in some of the Filofax things! What do you think?

There were so many on display I can see they might not sell! (only as in where I live as I'm down the end of no where).

Pocket ones, which I ideal for the Olympics easily portable but personal is better for the general sizeness I believe!

If I was going to the Olympics I would 100% buy one of these and then use the stuff in side in my Malden or something? I think I would feel a little silly carrying it! But it looks like I want to buy another one, more for being nosey than anything…I wonder if Filofax will be realising another insert set like the city pack but for the Olympics (closer to the time probably if they do?)

Finally on to my purchase! I bought 3 things that were good priced!

I bought two eraser things for fountain pens ive been wanting some for ages but could not justify spending £1 on just one, but these were 35p for two!!! Then I thought I will look around for some help to find Lamy cartridges, no one to be seen anywhere, then I spotted the clearance, bad move, but they had parker pen cartridges for £1.50 for 15! And I need some so I thought I cannot miss that chance, mines nearly ran out and I have none left, I should be able to claim them back off my boss too, hopefully but he is away for a few weeks!

Lastly I bought a white notepad that is boxed as I want something to do my budgeting on clearer they cost £2.49, and the finance pages costed the same, I swear in WHSmiths they were only £1.99, I should of asked my lovely new Stationery friend at Martin Luck how much they would sell them for!

So I haven’t been too bad with the NO SPEND!!!! I bought things I needed and things to keep me better organised with my money so not too bad, I was tempted by a new BIC 4 colour pen, the fashion version, it was in a new pen grip and was so tempted it was £2.50 but I thought I have this pen already and I have 20-30 pink and blue ones so I have no need! And they had my favorite pen for 84p on sale and I thought oooo should I buy but I said no! So I have been not too bad!

So better go for now, knitting lessons tonight with the lovely Ohlittlecloud! YAY!!!

Much Love <3 xxx

P.s I claimed the £1.50 out of petty cash as i usually order my cartridges off the stationery company website.....


  1. Well Done! Thanks for the update, you are doing so incredibly well, I am very proud!

    Keep going and we shall get there!

  2. Awww Thank you Sharon!!! Im really trying!!!

    I need to just sort my food out, im going to do a break down blog on Saturday showing everything i have spent money on so you all know what i have spend money on exactly lol :-)

    So excited to do that!!! :-) xxx

  3. Well done on your Fab Frugal progress. I think I saw you say on Twitter that lunch is a daily expense for you. It is for me too. I am not organised enough (& rather lazy!) to bring in lunch everyday to work so end up buying some-thing (which when you add this up over a year it makes my eyes hurt!). Hate soggy sarnies too. Any inspiration welcome!

    Thanks for sharing the Filofax display at Staple. I LOVE Staples and Paperchase. Stationary heaven!

  4. I'm so jealous that you can buy Filofax from your Staples. Here in Canada I don't think we have any Filofax retailers.

    It sounds like you're doing very well with the Frugal challenge. Isn't it interesting when you start tracking where your money goes and it makes you stop and think about purchases? A few years ago I stopped working and instead of having my completely disposable income (we live off my husband's salary) I had to think about my purchases and not impulse buy so much. Now I'm completely switched over to that mind set, even though I'm working full time again! I think it's a good mind set to be in.

  5. Our Staples don't carry Filofax, much less and impressive display like this one. And the shops that do sell Filofax are nothing like this (in my experience). It's usually just one little corner or stand of a display with a very poor selection.

  6. Cacti - Thank you :-D I totally agree with you on lunch terms, its so much easier to buy it yourself and you end up doing exercise too :-) usually takes me 30 mins of walking to get lunch :-) I LOVE PAPERCHASE but there are non near me :-( i didnt realise they did their own bran Filofax inserts! LUSH! :-D

    Terriknits - I think that Staples is the only proper one where i live, i have another shop with a display but its tiny, i will take a photo to show you the difference!

    Its isnt going as well as i first thought but this week will be better :-) Thank you! :-D

    Kanalt - I was amazed that it had such a big display, but its all older Filofaxes nothing new and modern except for the Olympic one! :-)