16 July 2011

Fab Furgal - Why am I doing it?

Bonjourno Penny Pinchers ;-)

So I wanted to let you know how much I need to stick to this no spend to kind of show you my problem, I buy too much of certain things, and I thought what better way then to look at your problem with pictures and tell everyone about it!

So there are 3 things I spend MAJOUR amounts of money on, and I know your all thinking oh I bet its handbags you would be VERY wrong!

In 7 months I have bought one designer bag and had one bought for me, I bought my first one at the end of January which was only £535, no im not bragging or trying to justify my purchases im just trying to show that is not as bad as I may first sound, before I got my first designer handbag I was buying a bag a month for around £30-£100 a month, and if you divide my Louis Vuitton by 7 (which is as long as I have had it, it only works out at £76 per a month and I have used it EVERY day since I bought it, never not used it! So I have been getting my monies worth out of it fo sho!

I just wanted you all to know that I love to look and expensive handbags and touch them but I don’t have all that many I just have my Louis Vuitton and my Mulberry Alexa, here the two beauties are: -


So now on to my problems, I think I should start with the one you all know about first which is my Filofax addiction, now I will show you a picture of my Filofax family (two are missing as I have lost one and my boyfriend has the other).


Starting at the back I have my AZ Cuban Zipped in Chili Red, A5 Pink Finsbury,  Pink A5 Flex, A5 Black Strata (I think that’s what its called?), Crimson Malden Personal, Personal Juicy Grape Domino, Personal Black Amazona and finally the two Pocket Special Filofaxes which Filofax gave me! (Enter the competition)

So as you can see I have quite an issue with Filofaxes! So now what I need to do is to try and fix that issue in order to stop me wanting to spend the money and spend it on more useful things like clothes (from that you can tell clothes is something I’m not all that good at).

My next issue is MAKE UP – Well more eye shadow and lipgloss, now I need you to all take a deep breath before you see this, I know its not the hugest collection (and believe me I have more) but still its quite daunting! I really have no need for more unless one colour runs out!


Does not look as impressive in the draw, now I don’t really need to say much about the next lot of photos other than its worth well over £300, I usually buy 5 or 6 eye shadows a month, pallets or singles, I have problems!

Barry M






I really should start to review some of my products as it would give me something to do and I would actually get more use out of them! Hehe I will start reviewing them all next week! Starting with the lip-glosses!

Well I don’t need to say much more your starting to see I do actually have a problem (well I do want to be a make-up artist).
And my final problem, now this will shock you even more! This is my pen problem! I just want to appologise as this is a bit of pen porn, so if you don’t want to be tempted look away (im joking) to see my problem you need to look at all the pictures.

So I buy 5 – 8 – 10 – 20 pens a month, yes your not going to believe it, and I am going to review these as well, I will start doing one make up product and one pen product a week!

I don’t need to say much more so I will let the pictures do the talking!









The posh pens I use all the time are last, yes I have the same parker pen in silver and silver and pink!

So that is my problem you see why im doing the fabfrugal challenge!

Any questions or comment please leave them!

Much love <3 xxx


  1. Splendiferous post Imy! Now I know I am looking forward to all of those make up and eyeshadow reviews.

    Has anyone bought your satchel as yet?

  2. Wow - that's quite a collection! I have a more modest make up inventory but can beat you on the pens.

    I've just started using a Lamy Vista again - it's the see-through version of the Safari. I still can't fit my scrawl in the Filofax Personal, like you can with your neat writing.

    You can buy replacement nibs for just a few squid and fit them yourself if you fancy a change.

  3. hello, I used to have the same problem with pens. And I sorted as you did with your handbags. Five years ago I bought Mont Blanc pen and since then I've been using it every single day and haven't bought new pen since.

  4. those Bic pens - wow!! That made me laugh. The make up - I understand where you're coming from, but I don't use a lot of eye shadow. Nice palettes of colour though!

    And I still LOVE that Mulberry bag. I saw a photo of Kate (Duchess Catherine) carrying a navy bag and because of your blog, I could identify it as a Mulberry! I think it was navy.

    I've gone a little nuts on the pens lately, but I blame it on trying to find one to fit in the Malden's pen slot. :-)

  5. I was going to ask to see your collection ... I knew it had to be incredible but OMG that is amazing, Imy! And then a pen addiction on top of it. How do you have room for all of this stuff??? ;-) And your bags are so fantastic ... so cool that you are happy with two FABULOUS ones. Proud of you, girlie!

  6. C P - Thank you :-D I have started on a lipgloss i think i will do a Barry M Review next and do all the eye shadows! :-D

    My Satchel is SOLD!!!

    Gerard - I know its sad! I forgot to count them all! hehe sad!!!

    Ooooo i like the idea of a see through Lamy, I LOVE MY Lamy! My writing is huge but with the Lamy Neat :-D

    Oooo can you, where do you get replacements from? I would love a Fine nib! :-D

    Katka - ooo i must look in to this mont blanc pen sounds interesting :-D

    Terrikints - I LOvE COLOUR and i love pens! I love to experiment with make up alot! :-D i get bored and play!

    I think the Dutchess has the Polly Push Lock (SAD)

    Its hard to find one to fit in the Malden!

    I have decided the only way im getting a new Filofax is if they bring out a Fuschia Malden

    Ro - I DO NOT HAVE THE ROOM FOR ALL THIS STUFF!!! I will do a pictorial room tour to show you how stuffed it is, you will cringe! :-( I would love to be a minamlist but im full of clutter! :-(

    Thank you :-D xxxx

  7. Hehehe, I find this post very amusing! I love pens! I also have a lip gloss and balm collection to match yours. I love them! I'm not so interested in eye shadows any more (do you use them regularly?) so I've thrown away most of my collection.