20 July 2011

First Graze Box!

My first BEAUTIFUL Graze Box, I thought I would show you my first Graze box and give opinions on what I had in it!

It will be mainly pictures as you need to be very picture heavy when telling people about the Graze Box in the hope you can SELL it to them! ;-)

On Monday and Tuesday this week the postman got to my office between 9:00 and 10:00 which is a normal sort of time, but I'm guessing he knew that TODAY was the day my first ever Graze box came, so he came thought the door and I said, “I’ve been waiting for you”, he responded with “Ooo do you have a Fact of the Day for me?”. I have such a nice post man he gives me a fact of the day! He is the best!

So I explained and he said, oh we have been having a lot of those recently, I tried one a few weeks ago was very nice, so I sat there all happy, and signed for some other post, so as soon as I got it on my desk I stared at it, thinking ooo I wonder what is inside! But oh no I wasn’t going to open it straight away, I needed to take photos AS I did it, to share the beauty the wonder with you!

So here it is when it arrived, I have covered up my work address from you as it’s a secret!

Doesn’t it look so inviting! I will now post lots of pictures then have an explanation afterwards!

Savoury Roasted Seeds (Said in a posh voice)

Golden Honey Nut Cashews (Said in a posh voice)

Strawberry Milkshake (Said in a posh voice)

Cherry Tomato, Basil & Pesto (Said in a posh voice)

So I decided to go for the seeds first, I will show you the pictures from during and tell you what is in each thing and what I thought about each little thing! I was very impressed with the packaging!

I opened the Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds and took a few in my hand and quickly ate them, oh, it was luxury, who would of thought eating seeds would be so satisfying, but I was thinking touching them is not working out for me so I grabbed a plastic fork, (I have a cutlery problem, I have to use plastic cutlery the majority of the time if it looks dirty or just creepy) here is my left overs!

I left hardly anything really, but those little ones after all while gave off a bit of an after taste!

Afterwards I had the honey cashews, oh my they were amazing, like just I do not know how to explain it! But I was over excited about the cashews and forgot to take more photos :-(

Focaccia with Tomatoes and pesto, now this was not as I expected, the bread was lovely, but the tomatoes were a bit bitter for me, so I took them out and perfect tasted lovely!

Lastly was my Strawberry make up, I have to tell the truth, I loved the white chocolate, but the texture of the bananas and the strawberries made me cringe I do not know what, I expected them to be dryer I guess but it was just too weird for me, I don’t think it helped that I was not feeling all that well!

Dried fruit is not for me :-(

Left overs!

The last think I wanted to show you was the inside of the packaging! How pretty is it!

Then in the back it says Hannah was ere! So that was either who packed it or who did the box design.

I am going to see how tomorrow goes then If that goes well I might allow myself one every Wednesday!

But the only thing I can say so far is, there not filling enough! :-(

See you tomorrow

Much Love! <3 xxx

If you fancy trying one use this code:  6GMZY6L Then you can have the first one free, and the second for £1.74 (then if you cancel it you have paid £1.74 for two boxes!) After that every box is £3.49, but cancel it as soon as you receive them if you dont want to receive any more!


  1. Looks yummy! I usually bring a fruit bag containing an apple, grapes, clementines and plums or peaches to nibble on during the day so I don't eat chocolate or cookies ;-)
    Sometimes DH will even pack it for me!

  2. CP - You are very organised! I get bored of fruit too quickly thats teh only problem with me :-( I can have an apple one day or maybe two days but then i get bored :-( I love strawberries tho but there SO EXPENSIVE! : -(

    DH is very good to you hehe :-) I have to pack my Bf food, he gets out of bed 2 mins before we have to leave and usually makes me late :-( lol

  3. wow - that looks great! I know I don't eat enough fruit because it's such a pain to peel, chop it. When we go to a buffet and they have fruit, both my husband and I fill up!

    I like to nibble on nuts, etc. and I like how they have packaged everything. I need to get someone to do that for me!!