15 July 2011

Filofax College Week 3 - Organising your Planner

Hello Happy People!

Welcome to Week 3 of Filofax College, I'm rather sorry it was a bit late and that I didn’t send out Week 2 to all the people on the e-mail! I had a hectic week and I'm not too well today!

So first of all the homework for week 1 is due in today! And thank you to you all for doing it in the time given, (Not that you had to) and I'm pleased to say that you all got grades between A and A* which is very good for your first lesson! No one got less than 9.5/10, only because small details were missing! I’m very proud of you all!!

P.s there was also a second post for Week 2 of Filofax College for a competition!

Also the Week 2 homework was due today as it would mean you can carry on and use it to conclude this week! If that makes any sense?

As you remember last weeks task was to plan for your planner, as I did and explained to you, here is a link to Week 2 now I will show you my organisation since then and then will give you your homework for the week you lovely pupils!

So here is my lovely Malden from the front to get it all started

Its just so unbelievably amazing and joyful to use!

So now I'm going to delve inside the beauty!

This is the inside cover you can see my oyster card map, everything my tickets to Philofaxy meet up!!! HEHE As you can tell prepared for any eventuality!

So I will show you my diary then I will explain the organisation that we discussed last week!

I love this format for the diary! As you can see I use it as much as possible I like to try and write lots and lots in it to make me feel happy that I'm getting my monies worth out of it! Hehe, I did only have 3 months worth in it, but then I wanted to make an appointment a few weeks ahead and didn’t have the choice so I had to put more in! and I like lots in there makes it fuller! MMMMM

So first of all here are the tabs I have set up, I haven’t decided all of them but I have 3 set up, I have planning, loves, lists and information. I will go in to each of these sections further as some sections I have take pictures of what is in them and of the main list to show the colour co-ordination.


So in this section I have chosen to have the following with a set colour scheme!

Youtube – Yellow
Blog – Pink
Travel – Green (I wish I used that for Christmas)
Budgets – White
Christmas – Purple

So its obvious what I use each section for, I would of taken a photo of my Philofaxy planning but then people would know my every move and I like to keep it secretive from people who don’t need to know!

Its literally all on those colour pages so I have written my travel plans on the green and all the other stuff on the other colours, not that I have used it much yet…..

Loves <3

Now I need to start doing this one, but I have chose then following categories and colours to se it up.

Websites - Pink
Youtubers – Blue (maybe with things like this I should of co-ordinated colours corresponding to other sections)
Bloggers – Purple
Quotes – Yellow

I just want it to be like my bookmarks on my computer, so if I'm out I can easily give people others websites etc…

But I’ve not filled it all in yet, like everything else!


Now I have started filling these out as you can see!

To-do – Cotton Cream
General – Blue
Shopping – purple
Bucket List – Green
Books to read – White – only started this since getting library card

So I'm using these but still need to fill them out!


So here are the categories

Social – Pink
Addresses – White
Phone numbers – Blue
Clubcards – Green
Passwords – Yellow
Food plan – Orange
Weight – Grid White

As you can see I have filed out quite a few addresses like work ones personal ones etc, I just need to get It all finished, I really need to finish all the sections and fill them with all the information.

Then the last section which is blank at the moment is my random section as it has my No spend challenge and receipts, business cards and doctor prescriptions.

So as you can see, its all getting a bit confused!  I'm sort of trying to get it all right but then I'm struggling. Once I have been using it a few weeks I will re-evaluate the situation.

So on to your homework!

This week what you need to do (this is following on from last week) as you had last week decided how you want to use your Filofax as in what sections you want all the tabs etc, well this week what you need to do is actually set it up like I have done!

Once you have set it all up with all the tabs you want and any colour coding you need then post some pictures in the Filofax College Flickr Group! And write a little description about what the page is. So kind of what’s in my Filofax posts on Flickr really!

If you do not have Flickr you can just write below in a comment about it, its up to you! You can even do a blog post about it and then link below!

Thank you all for being such good pupils, I love to teach you all!

Much Love <3 Imy xxx


  1. Imy I LOVE your crimson Malden (as much as I love mine). Your writing is really lovely as well. And all of your budgeting and challenge stuff is wonderful. I am so pleased you are enjoying the challenge.
    Hehe you have already booked your tickets for the meetup! You are even more organised than I am.

  2. CP - Yes i have booked, i dont know if my train goes through where you live? lol It did the other day, so it must of been the long train lol

    Im so excited, my boyfriend bought them for me for my birthday as i couldnt afford to go else and would of cried else haha :-)

    i keep them everywhere with me :-D

    Its beautiful isnt it, i can see a whole table full of maldens at the philofaxy meet up! haha

    thank you, my writing is neat in my fountain pens that why i always use them hehe

  3. I loved this insight into your Malden. It looks like you're on your way to stuffing it as full as mine is!

  4. Imy, thanks for another really interesting post. Despite using a Filofax since the 80s, I still learn new things from your website, and your videos are great!
    I posted a stack of Personal templates on Philofaxy today for printing on the Filofax pre-punched computer paper - the "To Be List" template is inspired by your website.
    You can do a lot better than Tahoma as your favourite font - email me at gerardmccabe at eircom dot net and I'll send you some samples.
    Thanks for all your work on the blog!

  5. I love Love LOVE your Malden! I love this kind of detailed look into other people's planners. How has it been going back to a personal size? Now that I've had my A5 for over a month, I don't think I can go back (except on weekends.) But I do love how quickly the pages fill up. (My problem was that I was constantly running out of room.)

  6. I agree, I'm loving my crimson Malden just as much as you all :)
    Fantastic setup, Imy, & really interesting to see how you've organised it.

    Thanks for all the work you're putting into filofax college.

  7. Terrikints - Oh its sooo full at the moment its getting a problem i couldnt put any more in it even if i tried the rings are actually full :-D YAY!!! makes it so much easier to write on the left hand page!

    Gerard - thank you, yes i did see the templates you did but i havent got any of the Personal printable paper, i just use the cheap plain paper and print on it at the moment hehe :-D And they were To-Do lists on To-Be lists :-)

    I just really like the cleaness of Tahoma, there are other fonts i like but that is the one i prefer :-)

  8. Cindy - Maybe you could get an A5 MAlden ;-)

    if your running out of room maybe put a lined piece of paper between each date? are you on week to view or page per day??? Sorry i cant remember! :-D

    Anita - Thank you i love to try and make it as organised as possible and try to use it as much as possible get my monies worth hehe but i havent been filing it up much i need to spend a day at a desk and write lots but i never have the time :-( Thank you :-d Xx

  9. I've just added some photos to the Filofax College & Philofaxy Flickr groups, which show under the name Aikigirlie :)