03 May 2011

Hair Cut.........The wonders!

Hello again

So I just wanted to do a quick posting about my hair

Here is a picture of different styles and colours I'm interested in and am thinking of having :-

As you can see they are all rather messy, that sort of style that looks rugged and interesting with lots of texture, none of them are flat perfect poker straight styles (and I know I have two pics of Ri Ri (I cannot spell her name) but after I had torn them out I realised and was a bit like dur!

Anyway I am going for blonde (and I don’t want to loose any length) but I know I may have to go shorter, after growing it past my shoulders, which I'm bloody proud of, but I have put some short styles in, just incase I need to have it cut in a bobbish style to get rid of my poor damaged tresses, which I have been very careful with to keep in amazing condition and have not had it cut in OVER a year!

But my hair is the thing I love to get styled, but hate to spend the money, not make up that is one different thing all together I could spend thousands on make up and never regret spending the money, but the money on my hair just feels like a waist, I don’t know why. I love it when its all beautiful and pristeen but just getting there cost an arm and a leg, I used to get my parents to pay to have it dyed once a month, oh yeah. (used to being the key words, like 5-6 years ago when i was in school).

But now I pay for it all my self and get it done once every so often!

Anyway what do you think of all those styles, I'm feeling the one at the top that says “style it now” or the one next to Ri Ri down at the bottom right second one in.

Let me know

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. The one to the right of the style it now photo. Very hip.

  2. Tke a risk Imy...Maybe the Rhi one cause you must like it to pick it 2wice ?? Have fun :)

  3. Rori - :-)

    Amanda - Oh i am taking the risk to go blonde dotn worry, oh no that wasnt why i have it there twice, i accidently ripped it out twice lol then just thought oh well it will fill the page up more! lol xxx