14 September 2012


Most people use Facebook these days! Not all, but most, as it is a convenient way to talk to people, catch up with long lost friends etc, but it can also take over your whole life, I know that some people believe Facebook is real life, and if you delete someone on there then they are no longer your friend etc, which is really sad, and people say that if it isn't on Facebook it isn't official about random things like relationships etc.

I have joked around with those sayings a few times with my friends.

Recently I felt Facebook was becoming a burden, something I had to do, I would have to check it talk to people, kind of council some people, give people support etc, but I just thought on a Friday just over a week ago, that is it I AM LEAVING!

I deactivated my Facebook account that Friday and ever since I have felt a sense of calm, I do not feel as stressed I feel like a huge burden has been lifted, all because of a social network.

It has kind of shown who your real friends are really, as I didn't really put out any broadcast I was leaving I just left, and slowly some people have text or called to "see if I was ok" which was really to see if I had deleted or blocked them! HOW PETTY!

But it just means that if people want to contact me in the future they actually HAVE to use a thing called a Telephone.... shocking isn't it.

But leaving Facebook is the best feeling ever. At the moment I have NO PLANS OF GOING BACK!!!!

What is everyone else's views on Facebook?????


  1. Ah, not alone then. I gave up on facebook long ago, and have been left with quality relationships rather than status fodder.

    Facebook creates a whole new form of etiquette...to friend or not to friend...to poke or to message or to post upon the public forum of their wall...which being the most intimate...which being too intimate...which indicating that you just don't care? If I don't 'like' something, will that make my 'friend' think that I don't actively like it? Or does it just mean that I'm away from the computer (the horror)... Honestly, it's exhausting. Congrats on the shut down. I know so many people who say they will but then never do. ^_^ (Whispering Rabbit)

  2. I also dumped Facebook maybe 9 months ago? I love how they don't trust you to delete the account, you must request it be deleted and then wait two weeks (without looking at it) before it actually goes away. They seriously don't want to lose any users. I'm annoyed with how Facebook has so profoundly messed up the natural ways that human beings interact with each other. Facebook and mobile phones...

  3. I have never used it, I don't think there's any point to. And every time I see someone like you, "leaving", or worse, wanting to "leave" I'm more and more convinced that there is really no point at all using it. :)

  4. Hi Imy, I definitely know where you coming from with this. When I was recently abroad, I had only occasional internet access & found I really didn't miss it. Since I've been back I've been finding both Twitter & FB just hard work! I'm keeping them for the time being but know where you're coming from :)

  5. I keep feeling the urge to leave Facebook, but living in Switzerland with no family or friends nearby, this is the only way I keep in contact with many of them (and they get to see photos of my boys). This year I have joined a fitness group via FB as well, and the people on there do inspire me to get off my lazy butt and do some exercise. I also receive the messages from Leonie from The Goddess Circle, which really help me to feel calmer and like I can take control of my life. I would love to have FB just for the fitness group and the Goddess Circle stuff, but then I know I would end up feeling the guilt of not keeping up with what is going on in everyone else´s lives :o(

  6. I was just thinking about this yesterday. For me Facebook is just another thing to do and keep track of. It does feel like a burden, especially since I don't like to post anything myself and only use the dm's. I want to simplify my life and shutting down facebook this weekend will be a big step. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I've de-activated my FB account on numerous occasions when it all gets too much, i've made the decision to completely delete my personal account and just keep one related to my blog, some days I go on, some day's I don't bother, i've not got too many friends and can keep up better!! FB is just another distraction, just another cause of stress and on most days a waste of good quality time!!

  8. I still use Facebook but not as often as I did. I have a circle of friends all of whom I know personally and have met and still meet. I do not bother with anyone else and I very rarely accept requests from people I do not know. I find it useful up to a point but in no way does it nor will it ever, dominate my life.

  9. I love facebook, yes it can go a little crazy but I think with a certain set of rules all is nice and peaceful. I love social media in general and also find it fascinating as well as sometimes terrifying but I've learn to live with it. For me it's a great thing to have since I've made a few friends from my exchange programmes and I keep up to date with them thru that. The bf leaves in England and I live in Peru so FB is a bit of life saver for us. But I also know how crazy it can get. I mean from one simple comment we had a gigantic fight the other day with some friends with I thought was really pathetic. But, once again, I think if you have a set of rules for it then you'll survive.
    My rules are:
    - Don't accept everyone, yes we went to uni together but no I don't consider you a friend or unwanted family members are also banned from my profile.
    - If you're gonna post it then you would also say it in real life.
    And I know I have more but those are the two I kinda live by. My friends have all turned into little workaholics so inbox with a bunch of people keep everyone up to date with the next event we might have :)