12 September 2011

Imysworld Euro Trip - Brussels


As you all know I went to Brussels last weekend! (and I didn’t see the Muscles from Brussels) Very sad about that!!

I just wanted to share a few random pictures of my Brussels experience!

The train from Plymouth to London at 7ish in the morning, we were around Teignmouth (bad spelling) or somewhere similar, where my I pointed out the “Devils Thumb” but she called it the Monkey’s penis! Lower the tone!

Our Taxi driver from Paddington to St Pancreas telling us all about how he likes to dress up in Pink Tutu’s, yes he LOVES to dress up in Pink Tutu’s! I was as surprised as you are! But he was a lovely man!

Out of the Euro Tunnel and where are we! CALAIS!!! We made it to France!

We arrived in Brussels!! Two hours late may I add, not very reliable the Euro Tunnel!

Just after we arrived we sat and had a drink, I had a Cola Light (I hate diet coke, its silly) and my friend had a ice cold Beer!

They had condom machines in the Street, now I bet you were not expecting that from a trip to Brussels! I certainly was not! They even had some condoms called Jeans not I'm not sure what they were supposed to be but I have an imagination of navy blue condoms with pockets? Think I'm a bit wrong there arn’t I!

Magical Beer Glasses!

Kabab Shops with nice people

AMAZING looking waffles! I didn’t try one was too full!

MAGICAL Evien bottles of water in Glass bottles! Ohlittlecloud would be AMAZED!

And then they MULTIPLIED as you can tell I'm very shocked by this!


Then I strapped monkeyton up for the trip home!

Paddington Station had some AMAZING doughnuts which had STRAWBERRY PINK GLITTER ON! How could you even dream about them!

Then I got home and back to the REAL world, now I'm very far behind with everything!

I hope you enjoyed my trip, if your my friend on Facebook you will see more pictures!


  1. i too shared your imagination of the condoms being dark blue with pockets. but mine had a zip too. ;) looks like a fantastic place. xx

  2. Sounds like you had a great time over there in Brussels, you intrepid international traveler, you!!! I'm glad you are back, safe & sound, with some interesting photos and stories to tell :)

  3. Icclewu - Yes its a bit odd, there were lots of weird gay shops along that street and a gay bar called boys boudoir (bad spelling) xx

    Aspiretobe- yes i have a nice time thank you :-) It was interesting, but i didnt want to post too much on here as i know that people would be like oh it wasnt like that or it was said differently, as i cant explain it all too well so i stuck with what i know best hehe ;-) x

  4. I have never been to Brussels so enjoyed looking at your pictures. I think the continent is more open than Britain about lots of things. That doughnut looks yummy!
    Was the conference ok?

  5. CP - I shall show you the doughnut at the train station there AMZING!!! :-)

    yes definatly more open! there were gay mens sex shops in the street and everything with like things for bondage, interesting.......