27 September 2011

A Monkey's take on the Philofaxy Meet up - Guest Post by Tali

Hello All,

I asked Tali to do a guest post as I love her and she accpeted! She could not think of what to do then she had an idea of bringing her Money to the meet up and I bring mine and they have a monkey meet up! What a BRILIANT idea!

So here is her post!

Once upon a time, A SockMonkey named Mahmu was invited along to a Philofaxy meet up.

VERY Excited on the train to London

He arrived in London and after meeting up with some lovely humans, went to get Lunch at the Tate

where he met Monkeyton :

The humans had a LOT of pretty filofaxes, and spent some time talking about them and passing them around in-between meals.

Mahmu and Monkeyton were in awe <3

Mahmu was quite glad he doesn't have a hectic social life - or fingers - as he would never be able to choose a filofax of his own.

Instead he would have to lust from afar...


After lunch, next stop was the Filofax SHOP!



Mahmu and the lovely Queen Dee of the Filofaxes


Mahmu and Imy - VERY excited about all the Filofax purchases

After a LOOONG day of Filofaxes, Shopping and LOTS of walking, Mahmu was Sad but relieved to chill on the way home!


Monkeyton very much enjoyed meeting Mahmu! They had a great day together!!

You can view Tali's blog Honey I Strunk! It is a diary of her weightloss, the before and after pictures are AMAZING!!!! She is beautiful!!! Love you Tali!




  1. Oh my, they are so cute! Also, I loooove your dress (and bag), Imy x

  2. Angela - Thank you my bag is my baby, i love her so much <3 xxx

  3. Thank you Tali and Imy for this great post! I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures of the cute and lovely monkeys.

    Kind regards, Thomas

  4. Loved reading this and seeing the pictures. Looks like the monkeys had a great day!

    Hardly spoke to Tali (except a quick hello) on Saturday but will pop ver to her blog now...

  5. Great post Tali. I really loved your sock monkey and it was great to meet you and Imy.