26 September 2011

What's in My Bag - All Stars Post by Anita Lim

Hello so today I have the pleasure of having the lovely Anita Lim on my blog!

I find it interesting to know that she was a motorbiker, which leads me to two questions for Anita, What motorbike did you have and Why did you stop riding? I love learning new things about people.

I didn't really start using a handbag until 2005 when I sold my motorbike. Bike jackets have innumerable pockets, a handbag would've got wet and I used to be much more of a tom boy. I don't own that many bags which means each one needs to be as useful as possible. This is definitely the case with my normal day-to-day bag, made by the Old Bag Company, and is from the Ellie junior spotty range in the discontinued chocolate flake colour.


I think the name is a hint to its size, at just 18cms high by 19cms long. When I ordered it on a whim, I figured it might be too small but it's a real Tardis due to its 11cms width. The end external pockets are usually used for umbrellas, bananas and other snacks. I can fit loads in it (like below) and it tucks nicely under my arm.



We have:
1)      Black and white spotty Marks and Spencer umbrella in one of the external end pockets
2)      Filofax purse – nearly new eBay bargain for £7.00 including P&P!
3)      My latest library book – I love getting Terry Pratchett out for an easy and fun read
4)      Fabulous personal Crimson Malden – it doesn't always come with me, but did this day for making some notes at the library
5)      8Gb iPod Touch used as my calendar
6)      Nokia 2630 phone
7)      Body Shop spiced vanilla lip balm, yum!
8)      Car key – with fish bought for me by my big sister at the aquarium
9)      House keys.

Some days I may just carry my keys, wallet, phone and iPod and then I'll close the top of the bag with the 4 magnet poppers. I LOVE this bag and think it ties in with my ongoing wannabe minimalist tendencies, as I can't fit too much junk in!


I really love her bag, its so cute and surprised after hearing she used to be a bit of a tomboy hehe.

I love how she has such a thick library book in there and a Filfoax but yet I struggle at carrying a Filofax in my bag. I'm too careful I think!

Its been very interesting seeing what other Philofaxy people keep in their handbags :-)

And all of them have a Filofax! YAY!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks a lot, Imy, for having my post on your blog! :)

    In response to your questions:
    1) My last bike was a red Suzuki GSF600S Bandit.
    2) I stopped riding after an accident & a nasty case of whiplash. I'd already been thinking about buying a car anyway, so it seemed the right time. Still feel like a biker at heart & will get another one some day.

  2. Hi Guys!

    Love this post! Anita, I love how you are able to carry this tiny bag and make it work. There's something so fun about how you've got it packed up full but totally organized. Perfectly you!

  3. this is kind of creepy but i really love seeing 'what's in my bag' posts..
    it's some kind of voyeur thing..
    anyway i've lurked your blog for a while now after buying a filo a few months ago..

  4. Dollface - Welcome!!! :-)

    I know what you mean but im so nosey i love it hehe :-D xxx

  5. anita - ooo thats nice :-)

    ahhh not nice to have an accident on a motorbike, people just dont look out for bikers enough it really ANNOYS ME!!!!

    What do you thikn you will get next?? xxx