12 September 2011


Hello Everyone!

Its been a long time!!!

We shall sit down and chat soon I promise!

But for today I have an item SOLD!


I am letting her go as I have ordered a A5 Rose Finchley in the 9Euro Sale! (which didnt come because they didn't WATCH STOCK!)

Here are some pictures, I need to let you know that all the contents that are not in there will be in there like the note pad at the back etc….

It will come with a week to a page with notes DODO PAD diary, as this was the diary I have my Dodo pad in and I have no other 2011 diary to put in it!

As you know the Pink Finsbury is a little lighter than this, its just because the flash went off as my room was dark! If you want some more detailed pictures I can email them to you, which I will take with my DSLR!

The tiny bit of black dirt on the leather and the glue stain on the mesh for the Id slot were there when I bought the Filofax, so that’s just from it being built in the factory, if there made in the factory, I imagine them to be made by little fairies!

As you will notice in the picture of the Dodopad up close there is a tab missing, the tab is in my Filofax box I was using it to trace the shape and size of dividers it will be replaced before sale!

The Filofax will come with a new note pad for the back, coloured note paper, 2011 Dodo Pad, to-do lists and other different papers, I will try and put a variety of things in for you!

The Finsbury has 30mm Rings, 4 card slots, one like an ID slot, then two bigger slots outside of those, a zipped compartment at the front then behind it all a large slot for putting A5 paper in and other things.

It has two pen loops and a notepad slot at the back!

The notepad slot at the back is a lovely bright pink, like Barbie pink it is very beautiful!

As you can see the back is in just as good condition as the front, there is hardly any wear what so ever, I still have the original box it came in and it has lived in there most its like, it was taken on 2 trips to work and one trip to London then put on the shelf! She has been used a little at home as well but not enough for me to feel she is for me to keep as I feel as if I am not giving her enough love as she collects dust!

I bought her in Staples for £77.00, she has not really been used and is in perfect condition!


Thanks for reading!



  1. I hope she goes to a good home!!!!!! :) xx

  2. Any chance of you sending her to a loving home in the US? If so, what would the price be in USD?
    Jill :)

  3. Jill - At the moment i am not going to send abroard but i might change my mind i will let you know!

    Postage to america would cost - $31

    The Filofax would cost - $87

    the postage would be internationail air sure signed for, as i dont trust posting abroad.

    anyway let me know if that would be ok and i will let you know x