14 September 2011

Snuggle Sleep Remote!

Last night it was just an ordinary night, I was snuggled under my duvet, in my Pj's watching Family Guy, but I fell asleep before Martin turned the TV off, I always do that I'm ALWAYS so tired! 

Then we both woke up to a loud noise, the TV was on, I said to Martin turn it off, thinking it was like 12:05am, then he said i don't have the control, so I assumed we had fallen asleep watching TV. 

I fell back to sleep and still heard the TV, said turn it off, Martin still didn't have the control, I was very snuggled in my pillows at this point, then i noticed something, I was cuddling the control! 

I pressed the information button to check the time, it was 5:30am, so I turned the TV off!

The next morning after we woke up I didn't really thing any more of it, then on the bus I was thinking about it, and wondering how i got the control.

At lunch time I asked Martin, he said he had put it down the side of the bed and turned it off, as I assumed he had fallen asleep with it on as well, but no!

The only possible theory we could come up with is, in my sleep I climbed over Martin, picked up the control, turned the TV on, then cuddled up to it, back on my side? Is that possible? How did I even know where it was? What is wrong with me?

How odd is that!

So I am really confused about my sleeping now!

A few weeks ago, Martin woke up screaming around the same time, it was terrifying, its as if there is something in our room! I don't like it!

Do you get any weird things like this happen to you?



  1. hahaha thats so funny! Of all the random things you couldve done in your sleep, you just wanted to snuggle with the remote, thats priceless!

    Its not really that weird, well I dont think it is, but I often strip when im asleep. Its very annoying. Ill go to bed all snuggled in a singlet, flanny pj's and socks and by morning ill be start naked with all my clothes folded beside my bed (and im usually literally freezing my butt off!) Maybe there is a ghost in my room who likes to undress me?

  2. I once got up, showered and ready for school - I was 16 or 17 - and then looked at the clock. It was 2:30 in the morning!!

    I am a quiet, deep sleeper, but my husband will often jostle me and talk in his sleep. He's a cop and often I feel like I'm being arrested!