14 September 2011

Christmas Wish List! - No Filofax in Sight!


After a lot of thought, and deciding and thinking I have finally decided what my Christmas presents to myself are going to be, I pondered a new Louis Vuitton, a Mulberry, a nice wallet etc….

I am going to use my Christmas money and wages to get these two things, Christmas money wont be much but will be helpful to put towards the cause!

But in the end I came up with 2 things I really want that I have been thinking about for a long time, one sort of sensible and one not as much so!

I will start off with the sensible one………….

It is obviously a Handbag as I love handbags, but it’s a cheaper handbag, it’s a Longchamp Le Pliage, I am not sure on the colour as yet, but I want something cheaper and light to use as my work bag to let my pretty bags get a bit of a rest, and something I can fit lots in but is very light to carry empty!

My Alexa does not hold much and I don’t want her to get hurt me falling over in the snow and my Louis is VERY heavy even when empty!

I may end up getting an even cheaper bag if I see one I like but I want something light weight cute huge and plenty of room, and that I'm not going to worry about !

So that is the first of my presents to myself I'm planning on getting, the other is after considering a Kindle I realised what I want it for its not going to be able to do well enough, so I have decided to go for an iPad2!

I want to get it in white as I prefer a white one!

I am going to have all my blog’s I love to read saved on the screen so they’re there for easy reading, I want to be able to just open up the certain blog, I hate reading it on my iPhone as its just too small!!

I also want to be able to just have something simple to do simple things on as well while I'm out, and I can use the Personal Hotspot on my iPhone to go on the internet on the move!

I do miss my iPad a lot! And I do wish I hadn’t sold it which is why I'm going to buy it out of my hard earned money to make it worth more to me!

So that is what I'm planning on buying for Christmas!

I don’t really know what made me want to do this post I just felt I needed to write it down to get it out of my head so I have shared it with all of you!


  1. I have that Longchamp bag but in the large size and in graphite. It gets bashed about and holds a load of stuff! It's super durable so I definitely recommend :) if you wait til a weekend in November, you can get 20% off (pretty sure they do this every year) from Selfridges :) I'm going to buy myself another one then!

  2. Angela - Thats what i thought they look quite sturdy :-)

    I wont be able to get it until ardoun December 23, get xmas bonus and all then lol :-)

    But iPad is main prority!

    Otherwise its a Louis Vuitton ;-) hehe xxx

  3. I have a black medium Longchamp Le Pliage that I bought while in France. Naughty I know but how can I go to Paris and not buy a french handbag? I would have loved a Louis Vuitton but that would NOT be FabFrugal!!!
    My next 3 months of Fab Frugal (Sep, Oct, Nov) will be going towards another lovely handbag :-)

  4. CP - Oooo pictures!! Is it a nice bag?? I agree you cannot go to paris and not get a handbag :-P hehe

    i think your getting a new problem, gone from Filofaxes to designer handbags!!!!!

    What are you thinking of nexT? xxx

  5. Actually my bag is large in black; there are only two sizes in the long handles. I used it today to go and stock up on autumn/ winter basics like tights/socks etc and it was perfect. I couldn't understand the popularity of the bag before but it is hassle free and good for when I don't want to bang about the Bays twins.
    You are right. DH says he wishes I would go back to my filofax addiction. But I won't have the same number of designer bags as I do filofaxes! hahaha
    There are only a few more bags I would like to add to my collection. A purple Bays and LV neverfull MM but DH hates LV :-( I tried pointing them out while in Paris and he ranted about it just being canvas!!!

  6. I have the Longchamp LM in pink gold and Mmmm, Love it! I think you'll be happy with it! I may get another sometime, I love some of their past limited designs... Maybe I'll get one in the future.