08 September 2011

What's in My Bag - All Stars Post by Planet Millie!


Sorry I have not blogged in a while, yet again im not going to blog, im going to leave it to the LOVELY Millie from Planet Millie!!! Click here to view her lovely blog filled with fun! Yes you have guessed it, its another All Stars post, Thanks Philofaxy for this lovely idea!

I'm one of those sorry souls who suffer from bag envy.  No matter what bag I use, it is never perfect.  This is the bag I'm using at the moment:

Whats in my bag

It's a couple of centimetres too small for my use, which means that when it's full with everything mentioned below, I can't zip it up!  If I'm going out (to somewhere other than work), I usually take the Filofax and the iPad out.

So, here's a photo of what's inside my bag:

Whats in my bag

{1} My beloved Filofax.  It’s an A5 Malden.  It’s also very heavy!  It takes up most of the space in my handbag.  In the zip-up pouch I keep my work keys and my ID card for work (thus I never forget them!).

{2} Tablets!  From left to right, we have Nurofen, Anadin and a sheet of Strepsils.  I always have painkillers for headaches, which I get quite frequently.  The Strepsils are left over from a cold I had a few weeks ago.  If you ever need drugs in an emergency, ask me!

{3} I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go, so I don’t have to buy drinks.  This one, which you can’t really see in the photo, has a filter in the nozzle that filters water as you drink!

{4} House keys!  Key-rings include a floral cloth owl and some leftover work promotion items (the oval wood key-ring and the white key-ring, which is upside down. On the other side it has a ladybird).  My house key is purple and blue, and the red ‘stick’ is a torch.  The little silver bullet-shaped item is an emergency capsule to store money in (it’s empty at the moment though so don’t bother robbing me!).

{5} A packet of tissues and some Compeed blister plasters.  Because you never know when uncomfortable shoe syndrome might strike!

{6} Years ago, I got this chewing gum tin from Starbucks.  I don’t know if they still sell them, but they’re brilliant for protecting your chewing gum from getting squashed!

{7} The yellow hook is for hanging your handbag off the edge of a flat surface so you don’t have to put your bag on dirty floors.  The red tube is Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss, then there’s another packet of strepsils (in a tube this time) and a Clinique lip balm.  It’s called a Clinique Chubby Stick, and it’s a coloured lip balm, so you can colour your lips and moisturise them at the same time.

{8} The black ball of fabric is a shopping bag (save the environment and don't use plastic!).  It's turns out into a bag, and then I can roll it back up into its case afterwards.

{9} I keep my loose change in a separate purse to my main wallet.  This is more of a historical decision, because the wallet I had before the one shown here had a rip in the coin section, but I loved it so much I didn't want to stop using it.  Now I keep my change in a separate purse out of habit.  The purse shown here is a new one - a green Longchamp purse, which my Grandma bought for me.

{10} My iPad, in the case I made for it, is almost the same size as my Filofax, and I usually keep them together so that the filo protects the iPad from being bashed around in my bag.  I take my iPad to work every day, but I usually take it out of my bag if I'm going anywhere else.

{11} Cereal bars - another thing I always have in my handbag.  I am nearly always hungry!

{12} My wallet is a pink leather one from Accessorize.  It's marked because I had a stupid handbag with a navy blue lining and the colour leached from it.  I'm really particular about wallets, and this is only the second one I've had as an adult!  I will probably use this until it's in two pieces, because it's so difficult to find one that's perfect!

{13} A little medical tin (or my “ouch tin”, as I like to call it), and a hair grip.  In the tin I have various painkillers, an antiseptic wipe, some plasters and some indigestion tablets.  Prepared for any occasion, like a scout!

And that’s what’s in my bag at the moment!  I could probably lose a couple of items, but I like the fact I’m rarely without something when it’s needed.  My handbag idol is Michelle Pfeiffer in the film One Fine Day – her character is a super-woman who can do anything with the contents of her handbag!

Wasn’t this such an AMAZING post!!! I really love looking at whats in other peoples bags!!! More coming soon!!! Thank you Millie!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I love posts like this and getting a peek into what people see what they keep in their bag/Filofax. I'm just nosey. Can't wait to do a guest post for you Imy :) and thank you Milly :) xx

  2. The bag hanger is SUCH a good idea. I may have to steal it and start carrying one myself ;)

  3. Great post! I too have bag (and planner) envy of almost every bag I see. (Though I do know when I DON'T like a bag.)