22 September 2011

What's in My Bag - All Stars Post by The Snarling Post

Hello my lovelies, so today I have another Whats In My Bag post for the All Stars Blogger Tour! It is from the LOVELY Snarling!!!!! Her blog is The SNARLing Post! I will be doing a guest post on hers about my Roller Skating Antics soon! :-) Hope you all enjoy seeing What is in her bag!!! (What a cute picture)

mbmj preppy nylon sasha in chianti

autum = new crossbody. yay! i've decided that i'm not allowed to buy anymore black handbags unless it's a at a riduculous-can't-pass-up-price and anyway, after reading this post i've also purged some of my contents. (you can see previous contents here)

here's all that i need for now:

wimb 17*sept*11

I put my foot down and refuse to allow my kid's stuff to monopolize my handbag contents. he is now only allowed to carry 1 toy when we go out. sometimes i do carry his waterbottle and my contigo coffee but i leave them in the car when we get out. i also retired my il bisonte wallet (the most perfect wallet for me that i have ever found) and have moved into an orange mini finsbury. it's working pretty well for me so far - brings out my inner mini sunshine ; }

wimb 17*sept*11 inside

So that is what the lovely Snarling carrys in her bag :-) As you can tell I am too NOSEY!!! Which is why i asked people to do whats in my bag posts for me!

Thank you Snarling for visiting my post with a lovely Guest post for All Stars!!!


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  1. thanks for this imy! looking forward to reading about your skating progress