15 September 2011


After a starting this competition in July! It has finally come to an END!

But i felt something as expensive as this deserves a very long hard compeittion, and you have all fought your hardest! You have tried so hard to get to this number 1 winning spot, and one has! 

15 days ago today i choose the 5 people to go through to the next round! Out of thoes 5 people there were two who wanted it most of all! They were fighting up until the very last few minutes but one came out on top!!

As you can see how many votes for the whole compeititon was high!!! 

win 2

As you can see there were nearly twice as many views as votes, probably 1/4 of the views was me seeing who was in the lead i found it all very exciting!!!

The three out of the people who didn't do so well had some amazing entries! But not enough people voted for them, i will show you the three who were not in the fight at the end! 

winner 3

Tracey and her bathtub of Filofaxes came in 3rd place

Sharon and her Toy Story Characters came in 4th place!

win 4

Tracey and her ADORABLE pet rock came in 5th place!

Now you will see the winner!! These two girls over the past 10 days have been sapping places like no body's business, one second one would be in the lead by 20 votes then the over would catch up, it was absolutly crazy!!! I just kept watching, i would wake up and it would of gone up by 50 votes each, was crazy! 

But now its over and the winner is to be announced!!!

winner 1

Sally came in second place with 645 votes!!!

Tali came in First place with 705 votes!!!

These were the scores at 12pm (GMT) according to my computer, my boss was here when i screen shot them to prove the winner, so he will agree who was in the lead at exactly 12pm! 

Since then the votes have gone up even thought the competition has been over, how mad!!! 

Sally now has 698 votes and Tali has 715 votes!!! (correct at 13:46 on 15 September 2011)

Isn't this MAD!

Anyway the winner with her picture of her sock money using his Filofax! 


tali roberts

I will either post it to you depending on my bank balance or give it to you next week!!! 

For now I would like to say thank you to everyone for entering!!! 

There will be more competions soon so keep your eyes peeled but you can only win once!
Happy Thursday!!!