09 September 2011

Hair Colour Changes!

Hello My Lovelies!!!

How you all have not heard from me in a very long time really have you!

Don’t worry I am absolutely fine and usual blogging shall restart either on the weekend or at the latest MONDAY!

I just wanted to give you a little insider gossip going around Imysworld, and that is me, Imy, is going to dye my hair, BLONDE, BROWN, PINK & PURPLE! Yes I mean that I'm going to have 4 coloured hair by tonight at 9pm!

Once it has been done I shall obviously take photos for you and upload them!

I am planning on having the top brown, with the blonde underneath, but underneath that I shall be having purple and pink weaved into each other! And yes I am doing it ALL MY SELF!

I am not a trained hair stylist or colourist in any shape or form! So this will all be a bit of an experiment, one which I have done before but I usually use a coloured dye by Directions, which is AMAZING! They did not accept card payments in the shop that sells them so therefore, I had to get some different dye!

I will take a Step by Step photothing!

Here are the hair dyes I bought, I just realised I forgot to buy cling film to put over my hair I do not want to dye, just to keep it separated, I will also cover the hair I don’t want pink, purple or brown in conditioner just for extra safety!

So that is my whole plan on completely changing my hair colour!

What do you all think, how much colour and brown shall I have, where shall I have it etc, shall I have any random flashes of colour too?? Oh so many decisions!



  1. I think u shud hav more pink and purple. U remind me of me soooooo much. Xxxx

  2. Ooo, I want to see! I'm going to dye my hair dark brown tonight (I dyed it reddy brown over the summer and now it's getting that horrible brassy sheen to it).

  3. Did pink purple and brown pictures will be up this weekend i need to get some taken as its hard for me to take :-) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!