28 September 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up - September 2011


So I went to the Philofaxy meet up this weekend!

I wrote a post for Philofaxy about my first impressions of the meet up, and views from a Philofaxy Meet Up Virgin!

I woke up to my alarm at 5:22, I know that’s a bit of a random time, but still, so I got up around 5:30am and went to climb to the other side of the mattress to give my boyfriend a kiss before I left him to get changed.

As my bed is at my boyfriends house when we stay at my house in my bed room we sleep on a mattress, there is a carpet next to it, and I fell over the rolled up mattress and landed on Martin, Sorry!

I finally was ready and left the house at 6am! My train was at 7:48am around 50-60 Miles away! So my dad drove me! I love my Daddy!

He got me there in plenty of time and got on to the train!

On the trip up I was reading through all the tweets leading up to the meet up, I was smiling like a Cheshire cat the whole way!

When I got there I had to find everyone at the station, I forgot there was 3 WHSmiths at Paddington, and we were all waiting at a different one, it took some time to find each other.

When we all finally found each other Tali gave us each a flower!

It is looking a bit dead now!

We caught the tube to London Bridge I believe then walked to the Tate it was a very pretty walk but my suitcase made TOO much noise! NEVER TAKE A WHEELY SUITCASE ON A DAY TRIP!

I got to the meet up and everyone hugged us when we arrived! It was lovely to hug them all!!!

I wont really say much more now until we leave the Tate, its going to be pictures: -

So in this picture CP has gone MAD and is talking to a Filofax (love you really CP) and Tali and I seem to be talking about the size of something ;-) not sure what though, will let you use your imaginations!

Then we left the Caf√© for the long walk to Neal Street Filofax, I had a lovely conversation with all the slower people I wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the front people to chat to them, sorry!!

CP and I saw the exit to London Fashion Week and stood still for a while, looking hehe

Magical times!!!

Tali and I really fancied ice cream on the walk!

We got to Neal Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went in and looked at the Filofaxes, was AMAZING, I bought something, I had to ask Diane to get me a bottle of water because I felt a bit funny, what a lovely girl she is, Thank you so much for that, I love you!!!!

So here are the pics from Neal Street!!!

My purchases!!!

I need to say thank you to Steve as he took the majority of these photos and I uploaded them to Flickr to use! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt happy the whole way home!!

You will see my reveal soon! Sorry to cut it here but not much else happened.

Other than the beautiful CP took me to the station because she is lovely LOVE YOU

Thank you for everyone for an amazing day!!!


  1. It was great meeting you too Imy :-)
    I had such a great time. This weekend is not so much fun as I am on call!

  2. that looks like a fabulous day. I would literally pass out if I was in that Filofax store! All those wonderful FF products!