11 September 2011

What's in my bag? - All Stars Tour - Kate

Today I have a guest post from Kate from The life of a Perpetual Student, its another what’s in my bag post! I hope you enjoy it!
Hi Imysworld fans!

Here's my What's in my Bag post!!

I have relatively little in my bag now! It can change from day-to-day, but in the summer I really don't have much to take around with me! That all changes when the uni term comes!!


My bag is a lovely soft brown leather bag from TJ Hughes (now extinct discount shop), but I don't know what brand it is. I love it because it is like those old-style school satchels! However, being an across-body bag, it tends to pull on my shoulder after a couple of hours. But I love it so much I still use it!

Going clockwise:
- Of course I have my Filofax in my bag! At the moment it is my ochre personal Malden, but I will soon be switching to my crimson Malden!
- Then I have my new Moleskine GTD organiser, which I will be blogging about soon.
- My lovely 160 gb ipod classic is housed in a crumpler case. I love my ipod so much, it has ALL my music on it and isn't even 10% filled up! I need more music!
- My Iphone of course comes everywhere with me, although sometimes I forget to turn it on…
- Then I have my prescription sunglasses and the case my mum gave me for Christmas. My sunglasses are brilliant, I got them for free from Specsavers with my glasses, and I love the style of them because they are so Audrey Hepburn!
- And in conjunction with my sunglasses, on account of living in Britain, of course I have my umbrella. It can rain and be sunny (although not hot) on the same day, and I always regret not taking either of these with me when I forget!
- I have my lovely little leather coin purse I got when I was about 9, with dolphin decoration and my name branded into it! I use my pocket for cash and my Malden for cards, so I am trying to keep my coins in here because they bulge my pocket out and look silly if I keep them in there!
- I always make sure I have blotting tissues and face powder with me because I always get an oily t-zone, and whatever lip gloss I happen to have chucked in my bag.
- Then I have my keys… the 1 thing I mustn't forget, which has happened once before!!

Here is everything packed in my bag:


Looking at my stuff like this, it looks like I haven't really got a lot! But some days I have more, like chewing gum, tissues, a bottle of water etc. Sometimes I take a book with me if I'm going somewhere I will get bored, and this really weighs my bag down!
When I'm on campus, I have to take a LOT more with me than this lot! I think I'll do a What's in My Bag post about that on my blog http://thelifeoftheperpetualstudent.blogspot.com/ when I get back to uni later this month! I have a new office suitcase, which I sure will be jam-packed soon!

Thanks for reading!!

Kate a.k.a. TPS

If you check her blog today! She has published my guest post! YAY everyone should go check out her blog as she has some really useful posts, including one about using older diaries so exciting!!!

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