29 September 2011

Bus Vandalism

Daley Sucks, says the back of the bus
I am gradually feeling more and more like a grumpy old lady at the age of 21!

Every day I catch the bus to work, and EVERY day there is some graffiti on a seat or a chair that has been slashed then stuck together with duct tape, a melted hand rail, what is with the youth of today, why do they get off on vandalising something they have to use every day.

They have to catch the bus as often as me, but how do they get away with it, how can you sit there melting away plastic on a bus leaving a huge hole WITHOUT anyone noticing or saying anything!

It is also not fair on the bus companies having to fix these problems and having to up security with cameras and things just to stop people. Even littering on a bus is disgusting!

I see every day at least 4 or 5 bits of chewing gum in between the window and the seat in front, its called a tissue! USE ONE!

I am so unimpressed with the fact that people give such little respect to these buses, and then the poor company like Western Greyhound, which I travel on daily have to absorb the cost or increase our bus fairs, then people complain!

If they stopped the people defacing the property in the first place we wouldn’t have this trouble!

As you can tell I'm pretty annoyed with other people who just don’t care about things for other people, why should I have to sit and look at graffiti saying, “Mercedes Slept with a dog”.

People really need to grow up!

End of rant sorry to bore you with it but I just had to say it! I'm FED UP!


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