21 September 2011

A Filofax Fairytale - All Stars Guest Post by Paper Lovestory

Today i have a little different guest post for you its by Angela from Paper Lovestory! She is one of my newer Philofaxy friends and has the most amazing writing! She is lovely and has an AMAZING blog which the link is above, she has done a little story for you today rather than a What's in my bag post! Which i am very excited about! I hope you enjoy it!

Once upon a time, there was a fair maiden called Angela. She fell in love with a beautiful Filofax that was the Vintage Rose Finchley (style and substance) and due to its colour, she decided to call it Rosie. Angela didn't believe in love at first sight until this encounter and needless to say, a relationship blossomed and what a relationship it was. Rosie relied on Angela to cart it around everywhere and Angela relied on Rosie to keep her time well managed but also to keep her schedule looking good, and of course, it did.

Meet Rosie - 50% style and 50% substance
But, one day, disaster struck. On an impromptu trip into town, Angela came across an enabler called Paperchase. Within the grounds of Paperchase, Moleskine day per page diaries were on offer for half their RRP!

'Wow, how attractive!' Angela thought, swooning at the thought of a day per page Moleskine. Picking it up in both hands to contemplate the idea, Angela kept the zip of her bag closed so that Rosie couldn't see what sort of emotions were running through Angela's face. Stroking the Moleskine, Angela put it back where it had been before. After all, she was quite content with Rosie and their relationship was a stable one - and neither of them wanted to jeopardize it... Or did they?

Unable to resist the lure of the Moleskine (all looks and no substance), Angela picked it up again and headed to the till. All this time, Rosie had no idea what was going on and was happily bashed about in the bag, safe in the knowledge that her position as Angela's 'other half' was safe. Little did she know what sort of events were about to unfold!

Instead of venturing into her other favourite high street stores, Angela headed straight home in order to crack open the Moleskine with lust shining in her eyes. Her bag lay zipped up as she ripped the cellophane off and smelt the smell of the Moleskine with a deep breath. Delicately stroking each page, she turned the pages in order to closely examine this creature. It introduced itself as Mark and thus, a new, illicit relationship was born. It seems Angela thought that Mark was worth risking her relationship with Rosie for.

Meet  Mark, all style and no substance!

As soon as her conscience disappeared, Angela unzipped her bag and withdrew Rosie. To Rosie's horror, Mark was already set up and ready to go - ready to replace her more like. Rosie, being quite a reserved and mellow character, refused to show her true emotions at the situation in hand and merely shrugged her shoulders and retreated but inside, she was broken and hurt by this gross betrayal.

For five and a half months, the journey of life was blissful for both Mark and Angela. Mark had plenty of space for Angela to put her clutter (read: write in her schedule) and size was clearly not an issue (pun intended hehe). However, for Angela, there was still something missing. The hard cover of Mark was too much for her - she wanted someone who showed their feelings from time to time and Mark was certainly not someone who did that so after a few months of experimentation, Angela broke off the relationship and tried to rekindle her relationship with Rosie.

Alas, Rosie had never gotten over Angela's betrayal and had wanted, all along, to be the only one. Even though she felt this way, she still wanted Angela to beg and beg she did. New inserts were bought, a new layout was sought and even a new pen is in use! The word 'pampered' would be putting it lightly! Eventually, Rosie did give in; Angela was forgiven and they lived happily ever after.

NB: This story is not designed to be taken seriously as it is all meant in jest! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :-) 

I just want to first of all STATE two things, this story was AMAZING and number 2 I WANT A FINCHLEY ROSE PERSONAL! I love that colour so much!!! To sample Angela cheating on her Filofax with the Moleskine have a look HERE at the posts. But also look HERE to see how she found the perfect nail varnish to match her Finchley (which i bought not long after)!

Now to find a Rose Finchley in Personal.......p.s. I love my new Filofax friends



  1. Haha. This is fab. I love it!! Xx

  2. I really wish I could find a Rose Finchley too. No doubt my favorite Filofax so far.

  3. cute! Why would you cheat on your Filo? Don't you have ANY feelings?! ;-) Malden's my main man!