21 September 2011

What's in My Bag - All Stars Post by Cat's Corner!

Hello all another lovely All Stars Guest post! But today from the Beautiful Cat’s Corner! She also has a Mulberry Alexa and was lucky enough to get it in the sale in the ultra Sexy print, she has taken some amazing detailed pictures to show all the details of this bag, so yes it shall be picture heavy! Thank you Cathryn for taking such amazing close ups for me! I love them!!!

When I first discovered Imy’s blog, I was excited to see that she not only loves Filofax, but handbags too!  So when the Philofaxy All Stars project came up, I knew I had to get involved and write a ‘What’s in my bag’ post for Imysworld!

Like Imy, I recently got a Mulberry Alexa handbag for my birthday – I chose the Alexa Hobo in ‘Trippy Tiger’ raffia.  This gorgeous bag is wonderfully light compared to a leather bag, and it’s really strong too.  I chose the ‘hobo’ style because it has a short shoulder strap, as well as a longer one to wear across the body (perfect for days out!). 

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo 06

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

There’s also a fantastic front pocket for my Slimline Amazona Filofax!

Mulberry Alexa Hobo 09
with filofax

Since getting this bag, I’ve made a conscious effort to slim down my everyday contents, so that I can keep it nice and light.  The main section of the bag is HUGE and I only ever fill it if I’m carrying a lunch bag, cardigan, etc.

Mulberry Alexa Hobo

Mulberry Alexa Hobo 10
whats in my bag

Mulberry whats in my bag

In the main section, every day, I carry:
·         A black Mulberry purse, which hubby gave me for Christmas several years ago – it’s the heaviest thing in the bag, but it’s great, full of pockets!  It has sections for individual cards, notes, receipts and a hidden pocket on the front, where I keep photos of hubby and I at our engagement party, wedding and honeymoon!
·         I also use a vintage Mulberry make-up bag (eBay bargain!) to carry essentials like lip balm (Blistex Intensive Moisturiser), face powder (No7), allergy pills, hand gel, etc. 
·         My mobile phone, a HTC Desire, which I love, but I simply couldn’t use as an organiser – I need my Filofax for that!
·         A pack of tissues and a reusable shopping bag that folds out of a small pocket!

In the inside zipped pocket I hold my keys and work phone during the week, and my Filofax goes in the front pocket, along with a lippy and a funky four-colour biro!

And that’s it, unless I’m planning on sketching or reading, in which case I’ll also carry a Moleskine and watercolour kit or my Kindle! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek in my bag!  Read more about the things I love on my blog, www.cathryncook.co.uk

Thanks Imy for the opportunity to share with your readers, Cat x

Thank you again for coming and posting I have loved your bag and would love to have pics of them meeting one day hehe ;-)



  1. I love this bag! Is the material hard wearing Cat?

  2. Hi CB - yes it does seem to be - the raffia is really strong and it has leather underneath to protect it when you put it down.

    I've broken a personal record by using it non-stop since I got it, which is 2months and it's still looking brand new, despite it's light colouring. Love it!

  3. Great post! And I REALLY want your Mulberry wallet. So nicely broken in and with a gorgeous, gorgeous patina.

  4. Thanks Roanne, I've had it quite a long time and I still love it, but it's soooo heavy!! It's the size of a brick ;o)

  5. Love the bag, Mulberry does make such good quality pieces they really are worth the investment. And amazing how you carry so little clutter :)