11 October 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook - Issue of Mothballs - My Fix!

I bought my Midori Notebook as you all know, and I have personalised it a little.

New Midori Traveler's Notebook

Orange Elastic


Bambi Bookmark!

Bambi Book mark :)

But I got home and showed my mum, she sniffed it, and said, "ew that smells like moth balls", I hadn't noticed as when I looked I was in a rush, this was the first time I took it out the package, but as it was cheaper, I was not going to complain one bit.

I searched the internet and asked on twitter, the solution to which I have come to try is... Heat, Coffee and Newspaper!

I am to wrap the notebook in newspaper and coffee beans then heat with a hair dryer!

Here is my quick tutorial on how I did it!


Buy the cheapest newspaper you see (35p, I do not read any news paper other than The Times, but this was cheapest and as it was not for reading who cares)
Buy a bag of coffee beans (the cheapest preferably)


Take everything out the notebook...


Open your beans... smell the goodness.... mmmmm


Be brave and cover your notebook


Wrap it in a layer of newspaper, then put anything else that smells on top then wrap again!


Fill with MORE coffee beans!!! YES MORE!!!


Wrap it again!

Then put it in a plastic bag sealing all holes and add the remainder coffee beans.


Leave to heat up or what ever!

I will give you an update soon as to how it is going!


  1. I'm intrigued. Did the coffee work? Or did you end up drinking it!

  2. Hi Imy. Can you give some more details on the travellers notebook? For example the elastic strap that holds the insert(s) - does it hold one or many? how thinck is the spine of the leather once closed? if i were to want to insert a note book and a diray and ... how would i go about that with only one strap to hold the things in.

    I am really intrigued by this product.