07 October 2012

This Quagmire is getting Boggier.....

My bog continues, and during my bog I saw that Plannerisms posted a post called Planner Quagmire (hence why the bog references and the title).

Yesterday lunch time I went to look at the Flex by Filofax cover again to see if my Cahier notebook would fit.... they do...

A5 Flex by Filofax


Slim Flex by Filofax


I then today decided I should answer Lauries Questions...




From this I decided for the temporary time being I would use my Cahier Moleskine for notes!

My heart is telling me Midori Travelers Notebook...........

1 comment:

  1. Oh Imy-/I know how you feel! I made a list today of all of the binders that I want to get rid of. Having over 18 personal size Filos are more than anybody REALLY needs.
    And if you don't like them anymore--then all is lost. You were my muse! My FILO queen!
    Woe is me. And you, I guess. ;~)