02 October 2012


Here is a guest post as part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour from Femke from Delighted, I recently posted a What's in my bag post for the tour on her blog! 

I remember I used to use those Uni Ball Fusion pens at school, and the ink looked clear but it was really pigmented and they were so cute, those and my Parker pen were by far my favorite school pens, I just searched on Cult Pens but they no longer sell them! Thank you for reminding me of them!  

Thank you

My Pen Collection.

I’m addicted to pens! As a stationary lover, pens are part of my collection too and here are some of my favorite pens :)
This is how I store the pens on my desk.

First up: My lamy. After hearing the Filofax crowd rave about this pen, I decided to try it myself. I like it, but I don’t love it.

These are my absolute favorite pens: Pilot Frictions. I use them in my planner only. I adore them.

I’m a Pilot-aholic. I love their pens and these are gorgeous too. The two on the right are so cute, the writing is light and the two on the left are used only in my journal.

These are just regular pens, just the printing on them is so cute.

The only Sharpie I own, a real Marc Jacobs one. Of course.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of my pen collections! And thanks Imy for letting me post on your blog!


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