26 October 2012

Filofax Collection of the Week - Kate - TPS

For the second week of the Filofax Collection we have Kate. I hope you enjoy seeing her collection!!

My name is Kate (a.k.a. TPS) and I run the blog The Life of The Perpetual Student! I blog about stationery, especially Filofaxes, and about studenthood and being an organised student!

Imy has asked me to talk about my filofax collection! I have a lot of lovely filos (my mum would say too many!!), and I love them all!

Picture 1

Here is a photo of my collection from a few months ago; unfortunately, I don't have a spare shelf at home for my Filofaxes (hoping to get a new bookcase soon!), so I don't have a recent photo of them.

Here are 2 videos I made to show you my filos. I made these videos 5 months ago, so my collection has changed a bit since then- photos of my new filos are below J

Filofax Collection part 1:

Filofax Collection part 2:

Check out my Youtube channel for more videos J

Here are my newer Filofaxes!

Purple Maldens, Personal and A5

Picture 2

And my BRAND NEW (today!!) Holborn in Wine!!

Picture 3

My favourite Filofaxes are:

· Ochre Maldens, especially the personal!

· Purple Maldens

· Raspberry Chameleons

And I'm sure my new Wine Holborn will quickly go into my favourites, once I've used it a bit!

As you can probably tell, I LOVE the Malden range!!

How do I use my Filofaxes?

I don't use all of my Filofaxes at once- I don't have enough things to use them for, except as storage binders (which I guess is a legitimate use, anyway!).

· I always use a personal-sized one for my personal, daily filo. I don't stick with 1 filo, I rotate between many, on an average of 3 weeks of use for the current one before I get bored with it and rotate! In the rotation are: Ochre Malden, Crimson Malden, Purple Malden (notice a pattern here!!) Red Amazona, Raspberry Chameleon, and occasionally my Kendal. And now, of course, my Wine Holborn is in there, and I think I will be in that one for a while!!

· I use my lovely A5 Ochre Malden for my uni research projects- it was my dissertation filo, and now it is my PhD filo (or at least for my proposal to apply), but I only use this at home because I don't want it to get damaged, so I put the insides into my A5 raspberry Chameleon when I need to take my notes to uni!

· I use my absolutely gorgeous A5 purple Malden for my projects and hobbies! It is divided into lots of sections, but I have been neglecting it lately, so after some TLC and some organisation, I will do a blog post on it soon!

Which Filofax do I regret selling?

I have sold a couple of Filofaxes, but I don't regret selling them. Mostly, I have had to return or exchange filos for being faulty- the one I regret most is my personal zipped Holborn in wine, which had notorious ring problems!

Picture 4

I would have loved to have been able to keep that one, the zip around the outside meant that if it rained, I could keep my papers dry! But now I have the non-zip version, hopefully it will be perfect!!

So that's my collection! I haven't actually counted them- I think then the realisation that I have too many would hit me, and I might have to start selling them off!!

Thank you so much Kate for being the first person to do this!! I have a few people lined up but if you are interested in doing one too please email me at filofaximy@live.com

Sorry about the lack of my text but internet at work keeps going down and my home internet is not good enough for using blogger! SORRY

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  1. It´s always lovely to see a shelf full of filofaxes - always makes me smile :o)