17 October 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook Odor Update! Getting rid of Smoke/Mothball smells


As you know I tried the Coffee Bean approach, and I said I would give you an update!

Well.... what can I say???


The Coffee Beans mixed with the Mothballs has to be the most vile smell I have smelt in a lifetime!

My next idea was.....

Cover it in a thin layer of Baking Powder and also have a piece of kitchen towel with a spoon full of Baking Powder in placed on top in the warm boiler cupboard.

Day 1 - Smelt a bit better but still had that disgusting coffee/mothball smell

Day 2 - Smell had virtually gone but thought I would leave it in for an extra day!

Day 3 - Cleaned off the Baking Powder, left no residue as far as I can tell and smells clean! YAY!

The morel of this story is...... if something leather smells like Mothballs or Smoke sprinkle some Baking Powder on it and leave it in a warm place for a few days, the smell will vanish!!! 


  1. Pleased to read that it has been rid of a horrible mixture of smells!

  2. I would be careful with the method, if it is on suede.