03 October 2012

Where to next?

I really feel lost, I just do not know what to do with myself.

I just moved in to my Amazona, but I feel NO LOVE AT ALL!

I have received my replacement Regency after the ring issue I posted about yesterday, but I felt no love for the new Regency.

I have sold my Finchley in Vintage Rose, which I have lost love for.

Finally I am hopefully returning my Osterley for a refund, which I have lost the love for.

Overall I believe I have no Love for Filofax anymore, and this really saddens me, as I have been using a Filofax since I was so young! It makes me wonder, where do I go now?

What should I use? I can't use nothing, I need to use something, I have virtually stopped writing in my Filofax as well, which makes things worse. I just do not know what direction to go in!

I am thinking of trying the Midori Travelers Notebook at some point, but when I can afford it.

I thought about using a Mulberry or Louis Vuitton Agenda but that just seems a bit mad!

Where would you go once you had lost love for the one brand you used to love?

I just am not sure as to what to do! 

If you were in my position where would you go?  Ideas would be great!


  1. It's sad that you lost the FF love. I don't think I could use a Midori, due to the oack of rings. I'd rather use a Flex A5 then, because of the pockets and size.
    I think I would go for a FC Giada Compact, for a Regency-like binder with a little bit more space and color. Or the Fac Veronica Compact for the big rings and softest leather. (I wish I could tell you this from experience. ;-))

  2. I lost love for my filofax for about a year and it dwelled at the bottom of a bag forgotten after the iPhone came into my life but after too many forgotten appointments it's back and I love it.
    Distance makes the heart grow fonder I guess :') <3

  3. Hi Imy,

    Jodie here. I've been a long time follower and a lifetime Filofax user. I know exactly what you mean. I have been using my purple deco for 4 years and realised that it was living at the bottom of my bag. I also realised tha my life was a mess because I wasn't using a planner at all. This saddened me because I have loved my Filofaxes and loved writing in them. So I sat down and really thought about my next step. It was time for a change. I had always loved the Malden in vintage pink and after some searching i found it. I then put brand new inserts in it. Everything is brand new. I bought some funky paper from Etsy and some new pens so that each time I write in it I use a different colour so that I can immediately see what is happening without getting overwhelmed by the amount of 'same pen colour' in my Filofax. I've also put new photos of my loved ones and put some of my 'teacher stickers' in. (yes I'm a teacher!). I have also decided to write Highlights of My Day in the diary. I keep all my previous diary inserts in a box so I can look back over the years. My Malden is my brand new best friend and hasn't left my side since I got her! Colour is very important to me and having something that is an unusual colour makes this even more special. I say take a step back from diary hunting. Just use something in the interim and I'm sure you'll be inspired again. Xxxx

  4. Hi Imy, I'm so sorry you have lost faith with your Filos! You were one of the first people who got me back into all this fun Filo craziness, and now I spend hours tweeking my various Filofaxes and keeping track of things! I have never had any ring problems, so I really think you have gotten a bad batch or something! Anyway, a product I have looked at recently is the Erin Condren planner. There are tons of videos on it on youtube, and it is really neat. You do a lot of the personalizing on it before you even get it. It's pricey, and I think the comepany is in the US, so I'm not sure if it's available where you are...but check it out!They are at erincondren.com

  5. Sometimes it's just time for a change. I'm kind of tired of my FC set-up, too, but I just can't seem to make myself switch. Change is hard!

    I bet you're going to really miss your Filofax. Maybe it's like Little Ms Jay Kay said and you just need to start fresh with one of your forgotten filofaxes or a new one you long for. And completely new insides.